What better to celebrate the end of a project/school year (or the end of education full stop, in my case) than a shopping spree at the drugstore? Cheap makeup, good quality, wide range of choices... What's not to like? So, being fortunate enough to live about 2 minutes walk away from Boots and Superdrug, here's what I brought home with me..

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
[Available here (US) here (UK)]

After a long hard decision-making process of whether to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased my FIRST EVER drugstore foundation. Now I might sound spoiled when I say that, but you will not want to know what happened to my skin after using the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder which was the most traumatizing experience I've ever had since entering the beauty world. 

I bought the lightest shade available in 100 Ivory. The shade was still slightly darker than my pale skin tone, however I think it would be perfect for when I get a nice even tan. It gives my skin a slightly bronzed up look without being too fake and orange, so I could still wear it now as long as I blend it nicely into my neck. 

Mediocre. Not amazing. Buildable, but definitely only gives (maximum) medium coverage, nothing more than that (in my opinion). 
Dewy and light. Not extremely thick on my skin, but not completely airy like I don't have makeup on. 

The finish just makes my skin radiate a natural glow, which is exactly what it was set out to do. I tested this on extremely tired skin after weeks of stress and late nights working on my project. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed! It catches light naturally leaving your skin looking very radiant. 

(Excuse the no mascara look!)
Like I said before, coverage isn't amazing but definitely has a nice sheen to it. 

So that was my first impressions of the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation - didn't intend it to be in this haul blog post, but there you go! I like doing extra things on my blog :P 

I decided to give Sleek lipsticks a go as I previously swatched them at Superdrug and the pigmentation was incredible, as with all Sleek products. I decided to try out this dark coral color. Will definitely be letting you know whether it's good or not!

The size can be seen compared to the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks - it is tiny which makes it perfect for traveling and just on-the-go.

Just a quick swatch of Papaya Punch.

It's not a Sleek haul without an eyeshadow palette. I sneakily picked up the i-Divine Primer where you have a selection of 12 creamy eyeshadows. Pigmentation isn't as amazing as the other eyeshadows but great colors and consistency for an eyeshadow base. 

Sleek Blush in Sunrise and Rose Gold

Next I picked up two Sleek blushes, after huge recommendations from Zen. I got the blush in Sunrise which is more of a brown muted pink color, and Rose Gold which is a shimmery rose color - almost a dupe for the Christian Dior Rose Diamond Shimmer Poudre! 

Sleek blushes are highly pigmented and with a bit of shimmer. 

I absolutely adore Rose Gold - it will definitely be my go-to Spring/Summer blush! 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks in 
110 - bright tomato red (matte finish)
101 - dark berry red (matte finish)
16 - bright peach color (sheen finish)
107 - nude peach color (sheen finish)
111 - vibrant coral 

After swatching Zen's Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick which we forgot to mention in the video (it was intended to be in a video!), I decided to pick up a couple for myself. Since they were 3 for 2 at SuperDrug, I went slightly crazy! 

I got myself a tomato red and berry red color... 

And of course some peachy coral colors!

I do apologize for the blurriness, it was difficult to use one hand to carry a DSLR, focus the lens, and press the shutter! But you get an idea of the colors :P 

Packaging is pretty and simple :) 

I then picked up the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Chocolate Bronzer which everyone has been raving about for the longest time. I'm always late on jumping on bandwagons because I take reviews very seriously and generally like to prefer seeing more people review a specific product rather than just rely on. I picked up the lightest shade and gosh does this smell good!

I generally prefer subtle bronzers rather than ones with high pigmentation. As I have very fair skin, bronzers can either make or break my makeup look, so I have to extra careful when I apply bronzers.

I picked this up by recommendation and I love it! It's ver pigmented, high coverage... it does the job! But I've only used it once. Heard it was very drying as well so will definitely apply an eye cream under that. 

From left to right:

Bourjois was on a 3 for 2 as well, so I grabbed two eyeshadows and one cream blush. 

I loved the cream blush I picked up last time, so much, that I went out and got another one! This is in Pinched which gives a more natural flush. Let me know if you would like me to review any of these products!

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