Posted on 12 May 2015

It was honour to be invited to attend the Trésor Rare Flagship Boutique opening on Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. I also got to experience one of the most luxurious and incredibly effective facials ever with Trésor Rare products. 

Launching its first store in Hong Kong, Trésor Rare (French for 'Rare Treasure') is a luxury skincare brand with its products manufactured in laboratories under Swiss expertise. Featuring rare and elite ingredients ranging from diamond dust, deep water pearls, quality gold and sapphire blended with liposomes and minerals. It promises effectiveness for more youthful skin with no harmful chemicals and certified organic and natural. 

The new Trésor Rare boutique on Cameron Road

After a friendly SA greeted me and introduced me to all the skincare lines and background about Trésor Rare, I was taken into a breathtakingly beautiful room where I was to experience a facial treatment with their award-winning products. Before even mentioning my unforgettable facial treatment, I could not help but scan the room (secretly wanting my room to look like this). The whole room felt like a royal suite with European decor and even an exquisite vanity, silk bedding and cushioned walls. Venus, one of the lovely Trésor Rare beauty therapists, started off my facial treatment by removing my face makeup with a gentle foaming cleanser. She then applied a peel to my face, following up with the Express  Tightening Lifting Mask. The Express Lifting line contains a rare and unique blend of luxurious ingredients such as diamonds, pearls and gold to lift the skin for an age-defying effect. It only required a short span of 10 minutes before Venus removed the excess, and began massaging one side of my face (so I could see the difference afterwards). 

The massage was extremely soothing as Venus massaged my face in an upward lifting motion to increase the effectiveness of the lifting and tightening mask. 

Once the treatment was over, it was unbelievable to see the difference (although the lighting doesn't quite show it here). I could see the appearance of my pores reduced compared to the other side, as well as lift (it almost looks like I've had botox done on one side of my face - no kidding). The skin on the right side of my face definitely felt smoother and hydrated as the skincare absorbed better after the peel. The biggest improvement I saw was the lines running down from the side of my nose to my mouth were greatly reduced and weren't as deep. 

Even until the next day I could see a drastic difference - my skin was feeling plump and whatever I applied onto my skin absorbed evenly and effectively. I was so happy with my skin that I went makeup-free the few days following the treatment. 

Thank you Trésor Rare for this experience to try out one of the most luxurious skincare brands in the world! 

Shop B&C, G/F, Kam Ma Building
16 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2623 3252

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*I was not paid to write this post. Tresor Rare was kind enough to invite me to trial their facial treatment whilst I got to know more about their products. All opinions are, as always, 100% honest and my own. 


Posted on 7 April 2015

Lets start off with a new fact - I have only ever owned one lipstick from Chanel, which so happens to be from the Rouge Coco collection from a few years ago. Clearly I didn't think much of it as I must have picked the wrong color - Rose Cométe was a very metallic, silver-toned pink. Against my skin, it just made me look pale and since then, I was never really drawn to Chanel lipsticks.

However, very recently I received an invite to attend the launch of the new Rouge Coco lipsticks, and since the launch I am now a true Chanel convert. Promoting its new release of a new formula and new shades (which are named after Coco Chanel's closest friends), the event was quite a sight - with a large table filled with these alluring lipsticks in their classic and sleek black-gold packaging, a stop-motion photo booth and beautifully presented canapés (lip-shaped chocolates - can you imagine!)

Upon swatching the lipsticks, there definitely seems to be something pleasantly different with the new range - luscious, glossy finishes with vivid colors and a brilliant range of 24 new shades to pick from!

如果我跟你說:我的Makeup Collection中只有一枝Chanel的唇膏。大概會很驚訝吧?幾年前買過Rouge Coco系列的Rose Cométe - 當時我應該是不太熟悉化妝品吧。那個顏色是銀底的淺粉紅 塗抹後 令我的皮膚看起來太白,一點都不好看的 ,那次之後, 都沒有再買過Chanel的唇膏了。

最近受到Chanel的邀請 出席新推出的Rouge Coco系列的發佈會。自從那個event, 我對Chanel 360度改觀了且迷上了這個品牌。Chanel新推出了24款不同顏色的Rouge Coco唇膏。每款顏色的稱號更是來自Coco Chanel摯友的名字。發佈會場內有一個大桌子 而桌子上鋪滿一排排的唇膏。唇膏依舊使用黑金色包裝 散發出高雅的感覺。唇膏試上手後 感覺比之前的更潤澤 更顯色,顏色種類也很多!


If you've seen my March Favorites (click here to watch), you will probably know which shade is my favorite!
Yup, it is Edith, which just so happens to match my new candy floss hair color. It's a gorgeous, light rosy pink that looks natural, yet manages to enhance and lightens my lips. 
I love how its not ultra glossy yet plumps up my lips without being over the top. Moreover, upon application it glides on my lips smoothly with a dreamy, buttery consistency. However I must say, it dried out my lips after several hours. 
I would say the pigmentation isn't bad nor is it amazing - since it is so buttery and soft, it takes several layers to build up a highly pigmented lip color (although that does not lessen my urge to get more shades from the range!).

如果有看我的三月最愛影片 大概知道我最喜歡的顏色是哪一個了吧!
對, 就是Edith. 與我的新髮色還蠻配的! 非常自然 同時能提亮雙唇!
喜歡它的亮澤感不太重 且塗抹的時候質感非常柔滑 可惜過了幾個小時後感覺開始乾了。
顯色度還好  -由於質感很柔潤 所以塗抹的時候都要塗好幾層才達到high pigmentation的效果,可是這樣也沒有阻止我想買多幾枝的衝動。

So I hope the swatches and this quick review helped you to decide whether you'll be purchasing one of these or not. If you do, which shade do plan to get?

希望上色圖和這個短短的review能幫助你選擇自己的Rouge Coco唇膏!大家有沒有打算去買哪個顏色呢? 

Lipsticks were provided by Chanel for review/consideration.
This post is not sponsored. 
All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

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