September 5, 2014


A week ago I was invited by NARS to check out their Fall Collection in celebration of their 20th Anniversary. Although I own a couple of NARS products, I don't tend to particularly get sucked in by their products as much. It could be their packaging, it could be the fact that I just own way too much makeup for my own good. But now, I am officially converted. 

Eyeshadow Duo: Dolomites (Limited Edition)

The first thing I walked away with, was this gorgeous eyeshadow duo called 'Dolomites'.  It was also the eyeshadow shade they used on me at the event, which left me with a lovely soft, smokey eye. I loved it so much I almost purchased it on the spot. It comes with two soft shimmery colors, a dusty pink and a warm brown. If you like eyeshadows of these tones, you best run to your NARS store as these are Limited Edition! 

Apparently, this is 'the new Orgasm' - Unlawful. It is so pretty I can't even begin to explain how much I love it on me. It has a soft peachy glittery finish thus lighting up the entire face and creates innocent flushed cheeks. Love. 

NARSissist All Eyes On You Eyeshadow Set £35.00

I've always wanted to get my hands on the NARSissist palettes but they are forever sold out. This time I managed to get my hands on this trio Smokey Eye set. It comes with a beautiful sand color that can probably be used as a powder (depending on your skin tone); a matte taupe color that can also be used as brow powder and last but not least, a shimmery midnight black which in my opinion, is just the most beautiful black eyeshadow I have seen in my entire life. This gets a big thumbs up from me.

Also in the set, you get a Larger Than Life Eyeshadow Pencil in Via Veneto which in my opinion, is not the best eyeliner, but it comes in a mini size, plus a blending eyeshadow brush which again, makes this set perfect for travellers. 

I've never really used glittery or shimmery eye pencils. In fact, I only just tend to use black or champagne depending on its purpose. But I have now changed my mind about sticking to black, and will attempt to use these gorgeous Night Series eyeliners on various occasions.

Night Bird (above) is a mysterious shimmery navy blue which I think gives off kind of a sexy vibe and Night Clubbing (below) is just a very classic-with-a-twist shimmery black. I love how they aren't too shimmery but they have just a slight hint of that chromey finish to distinguish themselves from plain, black eyeliners.

NARS Nail Polishes £15.00 

Left to right:
Oh my goodness. These nail polishes. 
I am in love with 413 BLKR. It looks pretty damn dark in the bottle but when you apply it glides on as a chrome-like blue. The formula and finish is just right, and under light there is a slight change of color. There are no words to describe it, you'll just have to go see for yourself.
Back Room is a plain glossy black color, which is not something I would normally wear, but good to have (you never know, right?)
Shameless Red is something I would always wear. A youthful coral color which is great for all seasons.
Last but not least L'Avventura is a color that you probably see everywhere. This does not really catch my attention but I do have to say, these nail polishes can last 3 weeks chip-free. I've seen it happen myself!

I hardly wear red lips nowadays because I simply can't be bothered to use lip pencils and lip brushes, yet this lip pencil makes a red lip look so effortless all in a few swipes. 
All you have to do is fill in your lips as normal. I love how this texture isn't too thick and drying, and leaves a slightly glossy finish to my lips. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, especially for all of you NARS fans out there.
Happy 20th Birthday, NARS!
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July 10, 2014


My 4-day trip to Annecy was definitely one to remember. Despite the fluctuating weather, I could not get the beautiful lake views out of my head. The freezing but clear water, the beautiful mountains that tower over Annecy and of course, macaron-flavored icecream at Chez Poustache. We were going to go paragliding but the weather did not permit - not sure if I was bummed or secretly relieved. 

Annecy is such a gorgeous and relaxing place. A small town, but tons to do, very friendly people and lots to eat!

Restaurants I would recommend are:

La Freti - traditional Suisse raclette and fondue. Be prepared to ban cheese from your diet for the next month or so though.
La Porte Saint Claire - very traditional French food - I highly recommend the Sole and if you're a fan of frog legs, their grenouilles would not disappoint.

Chez Poustache - beautifully displayed ice-creams you would not mistake its flavor. Macaron, peche and pistache were my favorite flavors. 
La Taverne de Maitre Kanter - been here twice. It's seafood platter is definitely one of the best I've tried with extremely fresh lobster and crab. Their desserts are also worth a try! 

Activities I would recommend:

Paragliding - although we did not get a chance to go, I'm sure it would've been an incredible experience.
Boating on the lake - be it a motor boat or a pedal boat, either would give you incredible views of the lake. The best chill activity is to just sit in the middle of the lake, jump in the water when you feel like it and just to soak up nature!
Get lost - Annecy always reminded me of Venice. There are so many little antique shops where you could just browse all day. Everywhere you go is almost worth stopping to take a picture with its beautiful houses and balconies decorated with bright colorful flowers. 

Have you been to Annecy? What did you think of it?

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May 28, 2014

Full Day Test & Review: 3CE Liquid Foundation

Guilty! I'm officially the worst blogger on the planet. I've been so into making  videos that I've completely neglected my blog.
I actually find more satisfaction in making videos instead of taking photos, and life has been a whirlwind! Hopefully I will be able to make an update post soon, but in the meantime, I have a video I've worked quite hard on to share with you all!

Recently I've been sent this foundation by YesStyle. They asked me to choose a 3CE product (a brand that I really like), and asked me to do a neutral review on it. No sugarcoating, just my honest and upfront thoughts.
If you have followed my Cantonese channel, you may know that I often do these full day review videos where I test a foundation throughout the day and show you what the foundation looks like, adding my own comments here and there.
This time I added subtitles so that my non-Cantonese speaking viewers could also benefit from the review. Even if my comments don't help, looking at how the foundation transitions from day to evening hopefully can help you with your decision on selecting a foundation!

Do let me know if these English subtitles help! If so, I will for sure add subtitles to my future videos :)

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