April 8, 2014


Ping Pong, Eastcastle Street, London
(Nearest exit: Oxford Circus Station) 

My friend Suzi and I met up for a day of shopping, then proceeded to leave a beauty event with shrieking stomachs asking for food. We passed by Ping Pong and since evening dim sum was a first for both of us, we decided to give it a go.
We were seated at the Dim Sum bar which, truth be told, was not my preferred area to dine in. It was hot and stuffy with all the steam coming out of the kitchen, but the view of stacks and stacks of dim sum were quite a sight. 

I've always been told I had tastebuds of a Westerners. I've always loved English-Chinese food as opposed to traditional, authentic Chinese food, which was why I enjoyed eating at Ping Pong so much. The flavour was definitely tailored for Westerners, but they still managed to keep dishes authentic. My favorite had to be the roast pork puff, just because it had a mixture of sweet and salty (my weird but favorite combo). The honeyed chilli chicken rice pot was my second favorite along with the potato and edamame cake which was something fresh and new that I've never had before.
All in all, it may seem like Ping Pong is just one of those Chinese fusion restaurants, but the quality of its dim sum surprised me and I will be sure to return when I visit London again.

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April 6, 2014



I know I know, everyone loves blogs with white pictures but to be fair to these pastel colored eyeshadows, a dark background was what I went for.

Recently, Mustaev sent me four eyeshadows to play with. Although I've never heard of the brand before, after some research I learned that their products are developed in the beauty mecca of Korea, tried and tested by Korea's own makeup artists. 

Having learned that, I said yes to sampling these eyeshadows and here are my first impressions. 

March 30, 2014

OOTD : Shopping in London

Whilst packing clothes for London, I was told that the weather was gorgeous and even tank tops were OK-ed. Hence, the clothes I brought with me were very limited, with only two jackets (neither were warm enough), a few tops (all in black, white or grey) and jeggings through and through. Luckily, just before heading on the plane I decided to wear my Topshop ankle boots (because I was simply in a hurry and couldn't figure out what shoes to wear), so those added a bit more warmth to my feet. 

This is pretty much what I've been wearing my entire stay in London, full on monochrome with just a hint of color on my feet. Boring, but practical. 
My Maje jacket was stored in the store room for a long time because Hong Kong was too hot for it. Now that I've been forced to wear it more, the more I fell in love with all over again. It's beautiful tailored silhouette and soft leather sleeves just add some casual luxury to a simple outfit. The shoes... well, need I say more? The extra color and velvet material gives it an extra 'oomph' and catches most of the attention, yet being mega comfortable at the same time despite its platform height. 

Crop Turtleneck Top (hidden) - K-StyleMe (Exact)
Jacket - Maje (Past Season)
Grey Jeggings - Zipia
Scarf - Chanel
Boots - Topshop (Similar)
Bag - CĂ©line Micro

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