I recently picked up this cream at SpaceNK as I have run out of my morning moisturiser (Erno Laszlo Intensive Porcelain Veil). Here's what I thought about it.

Packaging may not be everything, and sometimes a rubbish packaging could juxtapose products that are somewhat heavenly. However, how can I resist talking about this packaging? 
The minimal, no-nonsense packaging makes me eager to use this on a daily basis. Not to mention the luxurious glass jar with a clean matte white lid is not something you see everyday. Packaging - definitely won me over already. 

The consistency of the moisturiser reminds me of whipped cream. Airy, light and weightless, it is a huge contrast to my Too Cool for School Rules of Moist Ultra Rich Cream (which was my evening moisturiser). It is very easy to massage into the skin with its super light texture. 

The cream consists of ingredients such as Edelweiss, Rosewater and seaweed to name a few. I discovered that it does contain parabens so if you are opposed to those type of ingredients then steer clear away from this product. However, I have seen a reduction in pigmentation and my skin definitely feels more plump. It is also great for my sensitive skin as it appears to be very gentle, and is highly hydrating. 

With the light film that it leaves on my skin, this product does not disappoint. The reason I said that the Too Cool for School Rich Cream was my evening moisturiser... well, clearly it no longer is. I bought this product with the intention of only using it as a day moisturiser, however I love it so much that I am almost slightly addicted to it, leaving me to abandon Too Cool for School and use this generously.

 My skin appears to be plumper and more supple since using this product, and can feel that it relieves my tired skin by boosting collagen production. It is particularly great for acne and acne scarring as it helps relieve inflammation on the skin as well. You can also use it on the eyes which is a plus. That's one less thing to worry about. 

Although it's not the most wallet-friendly option, I have a feeling I will be repurchasing this as I believe it excels in both form and function!


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