If you have watched a couple of my videos or read my blog at all, you will probably know by now that I am a HUGE Sleek fan. I think their products are really good value for money. However are all of their products amazing? I wouldn't say so. Please keep reading for my full review and swatches! 

This is my Sleek collection, ranging from a brow kit, to blushes (a bit too much, I'd say), to lipstick and eyeshadows!

I shall start with blushes as I am probably known for my massive blush addiction. 

I have two of the Blush By 3 trios and two single blushes. 
From left to right:

Sleek Blush in Sunrise
Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace
Sleek Blush by 3 in Sweet  Cheeks (Limited Edition Candy collection)
Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

The single blushes from Sleek come in very petite packaging, but will probably last you a lifetime considering how pigmented the products are. They come with 0.27oz of product and are produced in Taiwan. One thing I would say about these blushes though, is that it is quite tricky to open sometimes, especially if you have very short fingernails. Sleek, if you're reading this, definitely consider redesigning the packaging so that it is easier to open, please! 

I generally don't go for brown blushes, I do, however wear the occasional muted dark pink on my cheeks. This, I would say is very similar to Sin by NARS although not exact dupes. Sunrise has more of a toasted bronzed effect IRL, and would definitely be a Fall/Winter color for me. It might be slightly too overwhelming to wear in the Summer however would suit anyone who has got a tan in my opinion. It gives great definition to the contours of the cheeks, and the contouring step can be easily skipped when wearing this blush. Pigmentation, needless to say, is amazing, as all Sleek products are. Finish is ver shimmery. 

Swatches of both Sunrise and Rose Gold

Rose Gold has to be my favorite blush of all time. Once again, it is extremely shimmery, and could be very similar to Guipure from the Lace trio except a bit more of a darker pink (therefore, I would recommend either getting either and not both). Rose Gold is just one of those ver pretty colors that is difficult to describe - it is a very romantic pink color with beautiful shimmer. 

As for the Lace trio, I picked this up mainly due to the fact that these colors are more wearable in my opinion, as opposed to the other blush trios by Sleek. What I also love about these trios are the fact that they are so slim and compact making it superb for traveling. 

Crochet is a very gorgeous peachy orange color which can be built up, however I do believe that less is more when it comes to applying blush (unless you make YouTube videos where the camera just does not pick up the color very well). Both Crochet and Chantilly are matte colors, so you have a variety there.
Guipure, like I said is very similar to Rose Gold, except more cooler-toned. With a very shimmery finish, it just brightens up the cheeks and gives off a nice Summery glow. 
Chantilly is almost a neon-coral color in the palette, and on the skin, it is a beautiful matte coral color.
With the excellent pigmentation of these blushes, the color lasts forever on the cheeks (obviously it still depends whether you have oily skin - FYI, I have dry skin).

I could not resist but pick up the Sweet Cheeks trio as well, from the iCandy collection, simply because I liked the color combination, and I was very impressed with the Lace palette.
The Sweet Cheeks palette comes with a cream blush (Candy Floss), a matte blush (Dolly Mix), and a shimmery blush (Cupcake). 

Candy Floss transitions from a cream to powder, without losing that moisturizing effect. It doesn't give huge matte finish, yet it doesn't feel cakey as a blush. It leaves just a slightly creamy finish, which might not be attractive to those who have oily skin, but it looks gorgeous on mine! 
Dolly Mix is a very subtle lilac color which is extremely unique - on the skin it looks pink, except with a bit more of a cool tone. This soft color would look great on tanned skin (speaking of tanned, I cannot wait for my trip to Santorini!). 
As for Cupcake, oh boy. This is a very vibrant fuschia color and is definitely for those who are more daring. I would use it extremely light-handedly for a flush of color. Needless to say, the colors in this palette are extremely gorgeous and are great for all seasons of the year. 

Another swatch for y'all. 

And, another one. 

Next I'm moving on to more cheek products - bronzing powder and contour powder. 

I will first start with the Face Contour Kit as I am obsessed with it - no kidding. I wear it every single day (or whenever I wear makeup) and it is just by far the best. I have used bronzers from Bourjois, Shu Uemura, Dior... and I have not found the perfect one. This is the perfect one, at least in my opinion. My color is in Light. 

Just a quick note on the packging. The GLO highlighter is basically a miniature version of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, so it is nice and compact. The Contour Kit is just fabulous for carrying around in your purse or travelling as you have a 2 in 1. Once again all packaging is very sleek and slim, which takes no space at all. I'd say these two products are easier to open, compared to the single blushes.

I am just absolutely in love with the Face Contour Kit. It comes with a contour color and a highlighter, which just makes it super easy to use. 
The product comes with 0.48oz and once again, the products are highly pigmented. I like using my Sigma Angled Contour blush to apply this and it just gives a very nice healthy look to my cheeks.
I would say this powder is a bit more orange in color, so if you are looking for something more cool-toned this may not be for you. I love the finish and I may do a separate blog post/video, titling it as the Battle of the Bronzers as I have been searching for the right bronzer for so long and have not had any luck. It is the perfect shade, and not neglecting the highlighter either. I would say this highlighter looks better on the cheekbones, as when applied on the nose it can give the impression of an oily nose. However the combination is beautiful - easy and convenient to use. 

As for the Glo Body & Face Highlighter, like I said, it is a very similar 'idea' to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick at, probably, a fraction of the price. Again, it just seems to be a bit too shimmery for my liking. I will probably be gifting this to my sister or mother, someone who would appreciate it more than I did. The colors are beautiful though, especially when mixed together, it gives off a warm shimmery glow. However, Sleek seemed to have overdone/overdid (grammatical error? Correct me if you'd like please!) it with shimmer. 

With this highlighter you can get different shades. Personally if I kept this, I would only use only the top two sections of the 'brick' to highlight, and the rest I could use it as a bronzer. But since it has such a strong highlighting effect, it probably would not shape my cheeks the way I liked it to (I have never tried to apply it to my cheeks - it was just slightly too intimidating). 
In conclusion, it gives a warm glow to your cheeks but I would not recommend anyone purchasing this. 

Now this was a blind purchase as I got it off the Superdrug website. Having googled for swatches, I finally settled with this corally fuschia color. 

Again, the lipstick is highly pigmented. I found it to be very drying (within 1 hour, my lips started to crack). I tested it for a day (I just could not bring myself to take photographs of it - my lips looked hideously dry!), the color stayed on for a good 7 hours. Obviously due to the pigmentation of the lipstick, it is longer lasting however it naturally dried out my lips. Much as I love the creamy texture of the Sleek lipsticks, I will not be repurchasing. If you however, are blessed with naturally soft and hydrated lips, it may not be such a huge problem for you. 

Moving on to brows, I recently purchased the Brow Kit off the official Sleek website. It reminds me of the Bobbi Brown brow kit which I have repurchased once, with the tweezer and applicator. However the product is obviously different. 
I have not and probably will not use the tweezers, however it is handy to carry around for traveling (how often do I bring up 'traveling?'). It comes with an angled brush for the brow wax and a powder brush for the powder, however after doing my makeup collection video the angled brush seemed to have magically disappeared. I now use my own angled brow brush to apply the wax. 

The Brow Kits come in a limited number of shades. I do think that Dark is a bit too dark for me as I constantly dye my hair a medium brown color. Now, I just skip the powder and apply a lighter colored eyeshadow as a powder on top, but I must say, I am impressed with the wax. I no longer have to apply a brow gel on top to set my brows as the wax keeps my brows in place. If only Sleek would do a larger variety of colors to accommodate to everyones needs, I would be first on the list to buy another one. 

This is getting long, but I will finish off with eyeshadow palettes. 

This is the first Sleek product I got, and I actually received this in one of my Glossyboxes, which introduced me to the brand Sleek. 
This palette was the Oh So Special palette, and boy is it special. I was amazed by the pigmentation and finish of the eyeshadows - easily comparable to higher end products such as MAC and NARS. 
With 12 colors for £7.99, it doesn't get better than that.

What I love about this palette in particular is the combination of girly colors and neutral colors. It allows you to achieve so many different looks with just one single palette - from romantic daytime looks, to sultry smokey evening looks - this palette has it all. 

You also have your pick between shimmery colors and matte colors (keep in mind, most of the eyeshadows have shimmer in them). The Sleek eyeshadow palettes are just so versatile, and for the price, they are definitely collectible. 

I have decided that I will be taking this palette with me to Santorini as opposed to my usual pick which were the Naked palettes. The size of the palette fits perfectly in my Ted Baker medium makeup bag. 

The palette I purchased after the Oh So Special was the Storm palette. I love the glitter/shimmer of these colors, and once again, versatility makes this a winning palette. On the top row you have soft, neutral shades, and the bottom row allows you to transition your day time look into a sexy evening makeup look. The bottle green on the bottom row is particularly captivating to me, as well as the charcoal blue next to it. From the swatches you can see how highly pigmented these shadows are. 

Moving on to the last and most recent palette I purchased (I didn't get them all in one go), is the Primer palette. This palette, as the name suggests, consists of a creamy primer texture which is great as an eyeshadow base or on its own. The colors are not as pigmented as the powder shadows are, which makes it less intimidating than it looks. I also like how it comes in an array of vibrant and fun colors

As you can see from the swatches, the colors are more subtle and soft. I love the variety of colors you get in this palette and the texture is extremely creamy and gives off a very silky finish. It is important to note that all of Sleek's eyeshadow palettes are Made in China (at least the three that I own are).

So that rounds up my Sleek review! I hope you enjoyed it and that it was helpful to you in some way or another. Like I said in the intro, not all Sleek products are amazing, however there are some very good products from Sleek and I highly recommend the eyeshadows and blushes. Very good quality, excellent pigmentation at very low prices. 

*This blog post is not sponsored. 
Everything was purchased by me!

PS We have hit 30k hits on the blog in below a year - which to me, is definitely an achievement. 
I hope you all continue reading and feel free to leave a comment if you think we should do a giveaway to thank you for your support :) Or maybe we should wait til the 50k mark? 

I'm sorry I haven't done an outfit post in a while - I promise those are coming very soon. 

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