How will you write your story?

Life is just a very long book full of different chapters. Don't let the past chapters haunt you, don't let the future chapters daunt you. Some books have sad endings, some books are too short - just be thankful that you still have a chance to write your story. 

I have always tried to avoid the past. Failed friendships, failed makeup and hair, failed employment... I never attempted at looking back because it scared me. I feared the people who hurt me, and most of all I feared failure in general. 
Today I plucked up the courage to look back at those familiar faces and I realized that they no longer haunt me. Despite the fact that I have no urge at all to make things work again with those people, I learned about forgiveness - and oh, does it feel good! 
I then look at my life now - the things I've accomplished, the people who stand by me, new friends.. It's more than enough and I am so blessed. Not going to lie, I work my ass off for it too, but when you're so passionate about something other people call 'work', it just seems like a hobby that pays the bills. 
I hope that you too, can also let go of the past that you may fear, and the future that may is unknown and scary. You have the power to decide on what the future brings - don't waste your days and embrace life as it is. There may be bad days, but there are also so many wondrous things out there in the world for you to see :) 
Life's too short and beautiful to worry about who's going to stab your back. You can't always look keep looking behind you. So why not take your step forward and enjoy the view?

Yesterday, my grandpa had to be admitted into hospital again. I spent 6 hours in the ER waiting with him as the hospital was full. With watery eyes, I posted a photo on instagram, all about my grandpa.
I was then surprised to see my account was flooded with love - the beautiful comments, get well wishes and encouragement that you guys send me is so immensely powerful. 
I would like to thank every single person who watches and enjoys my videos, every single subscriber, every single comment. You mean a lot more to me than you can imagine.

Lots of love

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