I believe I'm not the only one who got hooked on Charlotte Tilbury the minute I purchased my first Charlotte Tilbury product. Since owning The Dolce Vita palette, I found myself going back on a treasure hunt to see what other jewels I could find at the CT counter. 

I first heard about The Dolce Vita palette from my friend Suzi who always created incredible and flawless makeup looks - she definitely gave me the push to purchase my first CT palette. 
The combination of eyeshadow shades attracted me with a champagne base/highlighting shade, a reddish brown, a deeper woody brown and a glittery gold. The best part of the CT palettes are a) the packaging and b) the formula. These eyeshadow shades, when swatched, were like nothing I've ever tried before. They glide on smoothly to the eyelids and blends seamlessly with each other. Although pigmented when swatched with the warmth of the fingers, I feel that they don't appear as pigmented when used with eyeshadow brushes which can be a good thing, as it makes the color buildable instead of having heavy pigmented shadow on your eyelids, resulting in a "I don't know what to do with this" moment.

A look created with the Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette

I loved the palette so much that it brought me to my second CT palette - The Vintage Vamp.

I cannot say for every Asian girl that this is the best palette for pale skin tones nor Asian eyes, as the shades have the tendency to make eyes appear more swollen. However, I personally am a huge fan of purple-red/burgundy tones - particularly for Fall. After some mental calculations, I believe I have been using The Vintage Vamp more than the Dolce Vita, since the eyeshadow shares are just a bit different. I also personally prefer the PRIME shadow (the pinkish champagne shade) a bit better than the one in The Dolce Vita palette. The POP color (gold glitter) is more subtle and foil-y as well which suits my tastes. 

Here is a video where I created a look revolving around The Vintage Vamp palette.

I then spotted the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow sticks, which caught my eye as I was travelling then, it was something that deemed useful and convenient as I wouldn't require having my makeup brushes with me. I first purchased Bronze Garnet - again, showing my fetish for warm, reddish tones. I swatched it without purchasing it, and I was greatly surprised by how long it lasted on my hand. After 3 days it was still solid and budge-proof on my hands (and yes, I did shower, wash my hands, la-di-da). On the third day, I immediately went back to purchase it. After a short vacation, I decided that the Colour Chameleons were the bomb. They lasted well, were easy to apply and just speeded up my makeup process. I went back for Amber Haze, a warm bronze tone which I thought was very wearable and I could predict myself using it a lot. I also picked up Champagne Diamonds which is a gorgeous glittery champagne - I honestly couldn't resist. 
These have amazing long-lasting powder, but I will tell you now - after applying it, blend ASAP! Otherwise they will not budge. 

The Iconic Liquid Eye pencil was probably the second thing I picked up from Charlotte Tilbury, but truth be told, I'm not a huge fan. Although it claims to stay on for 10-14 hours, this melts onto my under eyes by the end of the day. Although, I must admit, it is extremely smooth and velvety, making it a dream to apply on the inner lashline. Barbarella Brown is also a beautiful shade that enhances the eyes without being too dramatic or 'harsh' (unlike black).

I purchased this as a friend asked me to help her buy one from the UK and told me it was to be her second one. A little doubtful (as I rarely use lip pencils) but a little curious at the same time, I ended up purchasing 2 - one for myself to see what the hype was about. 

I loved this during the Summer time. It is a natural nude lip pencil that does an amazing job at priming the lips for any lip color that is to be applied on top. However, as this review was written and photographed on a dry, cold day in January, I noticed the difference there and then. It enhanced my lip lines and made my lips look heavily flaky. Although I must say, that with this underneath, any lip color applied on top looks more bold and enhanced - however for those with dry lips, don't be surprised that everything else (including lip lines) will also be enhanced!

Sorry for the lengthy post guys, but I hope this helped you out in picking out Charlotte Tilbury products! I do some are a hit and miss, however it doesn't stop me from wanting to grow my collection! There are many more things I'd like to try from her line - if you have any recommendations please do let me know! 

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