早上沒有太多時間敷paper mask 所以襯在泰國Sephora有減價的時候買了這個寶貝回來。
首先它是一個gel mask, 皮膚更容易吸收。而且最棒的就是只需要敷5-10分鐘便可清洗!

So here we are again, the dry winter season where skin begins to crack and peel. Oh JOY!
I got the FRESH Rose Mask with a discount at Sephora, Thailand (Thanks Zen!) and have been using this most mornings when I roll out of bed and don't have time for a 20-30 minute paper mask. This one only requires 5-10 minutes of your morning, and I love how it's a gel consistency so it absorbs into the skin super duper fast.

包裝當然都有影響的。這個限量版包裝是由Jo Ratcliffe設計,樽身的玫瑰圖案很華麗,也讓我更想使用它。喜歡它的包裝是玻璃樽 能讓產品保持新鮮 預防陽光射入影響品質,所以這個包裝都有影響它的價錢的。

This limited edition packaging though! Designed by Jo Ratcliffe, the rose graphics on the luxurious glass jar just makes you want to reach for it even more. I love how it's a sturdy packaging, which probably explains the hefty price tag, yet it keeps the product fresh by minimizing exposure to sunlight. 


There's even pure rose petals in there, and the gel-like consistency feels lovely on the skin. 


首先要讚讚它吸收能力真的很快,未到五分鐘已經感覺到它已被吸收 到要洗走的時候 面膜不會像剛剛塗上般水潤 而變了一層薄薄的一層。
清洗後覺得皮膚飽滿了 恢復彈性,就像皮膚喝飽水一樣。
調色方面就覺得沒差 是皮膚帶有點光澤。
它裡面的青瓜萃取物及蘆薈啫喱都有助舒緩肌膚,覺得這個產品非常適合一些因乾燥而導致敏感的皮膚。油性皮膚的朋友都應該不會抗拒 因為它質感很薄而且吸收速度很快,不會覺得黏著皮膚。
現在差不多每天早上都會敷這個 實在太快太方便而且功效不錯,只是覺得晚上敷的話不太夠滋潤(到了冬天我皮膚超級乾),晚上我會選擇我的Leaders 胺基酸面膜或者Innisfree蜜糖面膜。
如果問我 這個值得買嗎?我個人不會正價的時候買下它。最好等有折扣,或者有禮盒套裝的時候才買。雖然我很喜歡它 而且都覺得很好用,但是HK$540才有100ml真的有點貴,特別是以我使用的速度 相信很快就用光光了!

如果有用過這個產品的話 記得留言分享你的用後感!

FRESH says: 
"The Rose Face Mask hydrates and tones the complexion to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types."
BETHNI says:
I have to say that this absorbs real fast into the skin. At the 5 minute mark, I can feel and see it absorbed, leaving a fine layer of film on the skin instead of the watery gel that was there when I first applied it. After rinsing it off I felt my skin (don't we all?). It definitely felt supple, and even feels like my skin drank up all the moisture and you can actually feel the elasticity in the skin. 
In terms of toning, I don't see a major difference after one use, but the skin does have a slight radiance. However the biggest difference was that the serum and face cream I applied after rinsing the mask off absorbed like a dream
The Rose Face Mask also contains cucumber extract and aloe vera jelly to help soothe the skin, which is great for those whose skin gets sensitive from dryness. 
I imagine it would be a great mask for oily skin types too, with its lightweight consistency and rapid absorbing power - it doesn't feel sticky after rinsing. Skin simply feels refreshed, hydrated, supple and soft. 
I now use this pretty much every morning, even on lazy days. I love how the smell isn't super florally or artificial, it is perfect for a quick morning pamper. However it doesn't tick all the boxes for me for an evening mask in the winter, just because it's a bit too light and my dry skin craves more of nourishment in the evening. Probably would be a great one for the Summer though and hope this jar lasts me till then! 
If you ask me if this is worth the hype and price, I would say... I love it, but I wouldn't pay full price for it. Probably best to get it if it ever goes on sale; with a gift set/as a gift or with a discount code. As much as I love it, it is a bit too pricey for a 100ml, especially when I can't stop using this stuff and feel like I will run out really fast. 
Don't forget to comment and let me know what you think if you've tried it, or whether you will be trying this out! 

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