Finally got my hands on the YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau Fusion Ink Foundation. It comes in a beautiful black and gold packaging and also three samples were gifted upon purchase.
I must say though that I was greeted by a friendly and helpful SA which really enhanced my shopping experience at YSL Elements.

I originally was put on the waitlist for #30, but after trying it out at the counter I was worried it would oxidize, and ended up wanting to get a #20 which wasn't available. Not wanting to be on the waitlist again (my patience was dying on me by now), I ended up getting #10, hoping it would oxidize to match my skin tone. 

Of course, it barely oxidized, leaving me looking too pale for my liking, so I am going to have to either mix this with another foundation or use a bronzer on top (at this moment I was starting to break). 

I would say that the coverage is medium-high, definitely higher than other cushions I've tried but definitely not the 'flawless coverage' that YSL described it as. It felt pretty nice on the skin upon application, hydrating yet lightweight and gave a nice velvety finish - not too matte nor too dewy, it was just right and I liked that about the cushion.

Unfortunately it tugged onto the dry areas of my skin (although this is probably normal, it didn't look great). After a couple of hours, it felt nice on the skin, although not too much like second-skin but not too heavy either. My t-zone looked pretty shiny at this point and felt extremely slippery. I powdered one side of my face to see the difference, and it looked pretty dry, however without powder it looked too shiny - so what to do? After 9 hours, I definitely cracked. 

I'm sure like me, most people had high expectations from this cushion given the price, but now that I've tried it I wondered if the case was made of pure gold for YSL to make this cushion so expensive. I must admit, the consistency, coverage and hydrating level of this cushion is pretty great, but then again I wouldn't rate it much higher than any other cushions on the market, except the coverage does make it a winner (now that I've tested the Dior cushion), and makes it great for touching up. But for this price, without a refill, I'd rather go and purchase their foundations (which would probably last me longer too). 

Have any of you tried the YSL cushion? What do you think?

Don't forget to check out my video below where you can see how the foundation lasted on me for 9 hours! (English subtitles)

- - - 

終於購買了 YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau Fusion Ink Foundation (輕透無重羽毛氣墊粉底)。
黑金包裝非常時尚及奢華。購買時都有sample贈品 而且BA都非常貼心及友善!

我本來是訂了 #30 色,但到了counter再試試的時候擔心如果氧化的話會太深色,而當時 #20 沒有現貨。沒有耐性的我決定購買  #10,當時希望它真的會氧化。
試上面的時候發現 「糟糕,真的太白了」,而且測試了一整天發覺並沒有想像中氧化太多,只是比剛上臉深色一點點。沒辦法,只好mix其他粉底或上古銅粉才用吧(這個時候已經開始有點崩潰)。

上面的時候遮瑕度比其他氣墊粉底偏高,但絕不是YSL描述的「無瑕底妝」,覺得原本的粉底比這個遮瑕度還要高的。一開始覺得在臉上的感覺不錯,滋潤且輕薄,而且綻放絲絨的效果,不會完全matte 也不會太光澤  -剛剛好的,這方面我也很喜歡。

可惜它有點卡住我皮膚乾的位置(雖然覺得這是正常的,但是不好看)。帶妝幾個小時之後感覺其實還不錯,但是會看到T字位比較光澤而且摸上去是有點油膩的。上了定妝粉會看到乾紋,但不用定妝粉也不行 否則會滿臉油光。測試9個小時之後,我都進入崩潰狀態了。

這個氣墊粉底 這個價錢我本來對它期望比較高,但是用過之後會想「賣這麼貴,它的盒子是鑲金的嗎?」。雖然質地,遮瑕,滋潤度方面不錯,但是覺得與其他氣墊粉底沒差。略勝一籌的是它的遮瑕度,用來補妝真是不錯!但是這個價錢沒有補充裝,倒不如買它的粉底好了!


YSL 輕透無重羽毛氣墊粉底 SPF 23 PA++ 
HK$480 (不包括補充裝)| 14g / 0.51oz 
補充裝 HK$320
5個顏色選擇 - #10, #20, #30, #40, #50

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