Everytime I get a phone call from the Chanel courier, I get super excited. I have become a top fan of Chanel during the recent two years, and have begun collecting most of their limited editions. Most importantly, I have seen a huge improvement in their formula and more attention to detail to their packaging and design. This time I received quite a variety of products from skincare to eyeshadows to their relaunched brow powder. 

每次收到Chanel courier打黎就會好興奮。大家都知道我呢兩年變咗Chanel頭號粉絲,開始會儲佢地嘅limited edition同埋主要覺得佢地嘅配方越來越有進步!今次的包裹有幾款不同的新產品,如護膚品,眼影及眉粉喔!

Chanel 雙色眉粉組合 

首先就是眉粉的relaunch! 聽說之前曾推出過,後來discontinued, 今年再推出!
這個眉粉盒分別有兩款色調,包括40號色 (naturel) 及 50號色 (brun). 幸好我收到的色系是40號,因為髮色的關係 我覺得比較淺色的眉色更適合我。
裡面有兩款眉色 - 一深一淺。另外還附送3種工具,包括:眉鉗,螺旋掃及斜角眉粉掃。
然後嘗試用我平時用的Sigma SS266眉粉掃(非常柔軟的),但用這支掃的話 顏色沒有那麼顯色。我發現要用它附送的眉粉掃才能抓粉,它好像很飛粉的樣子,其實這樣才能上到顏色。反而用Sigma SS266,粉卻抓不了,而顏色顯色度偏低。

Chanel Brow Powder Duo #40 Naturel US$50

One of the products I was most excited about was their relaunched Brow Powder Duo. I heard that this was discontinued a while back but they brought it back this year and I understand why. 
First off, the product comes in two shades - #40 Naturel and #50 Brun. I was so happy I received #40 since my hair is a lighter color, I don't get much out of dark brow powders. 
It comes in the classic black Chanel packaging (which makes it even harder to find products in my drawers now) encasing two brow powder shades as well as three mini brow tools: a pair of tweezers, an angled brow powder and a spoolie. They are great tools especially for traveling (I'll probably be taking this with me to the States next month), but the quality of the angled brush was a bit of a let-down. The bristles are very coarse and stiff which is quite uncomfortable against my skin. 
I then tried to use my favorite Sigma SS266 brow powder brush (super soft), but the brow powders don't show up as pigmented in comparison. 
Other than that, the shades are perfect for me alongside the classic and minimal packaging. I'll be back with a further review once I've given it a few more gos. 

Chanel Les 4 Ombres 4色眼影 HK$485

平時到Chanel店鋪想選購他們的四色眼影盤有些難度,因為有很多顏色配搭我覺得很難使用,很久之前也有用過一些Chanel眼影盒,怎麼塗都不好看。但是這個色系我覺得不錯,容易carry 但不會像平時用的大地色,不過覺得這個眼影盒上色度和配方沒有太大驚喜(相比我很喜歡的Empreinte du Désert眼影盒)。
這個眼影盒裡面有一個帶閃粉的銀色,我覺得挺特別而且閃粉很細膩;一個珠光肉色 用來做base也很不錯同時可以提亮眼皮;一個淺粉紅色還有紫色 - 這兩個我都很喜歡。 雖然大家看到上色度都沒有超級強,但覺得如果想要一個低調而優雅的眼妝這個也是不錯的選擇。相比其他Chanel眼影盒這個是值得推介,始終顏色耐用!

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow #272 Tissé Dimensions US$61

I always found it difficult to pick eyeshadows from the range of Chanel quads available because some of them I find hard to use, and I have also mentioned before that Chanel eyeshadows generally just don't look good on me. However I do love this color scheme and find it perfect for my skin tone, yet it's not your average neutral palette. Pigmentation and smoothness is alright, nothing amazing yet not terrible. The palette contains a shimmery silver (in which the shimmers are actually quite fine and beautiful), and a pearl base shade which does brighten up my eyelid very well. 
The bottom row contains a rosy pink and a dark violet are two of my favorite colors. However as you can see in the last picture that the shadows are not particularly pigmented, however they are great if you are looking to create a subtle, elegant look. 

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow 幻彩柔滑眼影筆 HK$300

Chanel的眼影筆我之前應該沒有review過,但是其實之前已經收過幾支而且超級喜歡!每當我很匆忙要準備出去或者比較懶 只想化一個簡單妝容 就一定會用上。除了柔滑及上色的配方外,塗上的時候會感覺到冰涼的感覺(炎炎夏日的時候很適合!)
Beige Dore - 偏金色,用來打亮眼頭活提亮眼皮很不錯
Bronze Platine - 帶灰的啡色,單用這個帶種簡單美
Rose Petale - 粉紅色當然是我的最愛。這個一樣有提亮的效果 而且帶點少女感
Vert Grise - 雖然比較少塗綠色的眼影,但這個帶點olive tone 其實也很容易carry
Bleu Nuit - 覺得這個塗上下眼線應該很好看,或者用來配合煙燻妝也很不錯

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow (LE) US$34

I don't think I've reviewed this on my blog before but I had a couple prior to these and I LOVE them. They are my go-to if I'm in a hurry or if I just want something simple on my eyes. Smooth and buttery formula, lasts all day and has this cooling effect that is just an extra cherry on top in the summer. 
I was sent a variety of shades including:
Beige Dore - a great golden shade for brightening up the inner corners and eyelid
Bronze Platine - An ashy bronze which looks stunning all over the lid on its own
Rose Petale - Can never get enough pink! This also has that brightening effect and gives off a youthful vibe
Vert Grise - I wasn't so sure about this shade but I think this would look great for an olive eye makeup look
Bleu Nuit - Great for spicing up a makeup look by applying it on the lower lashline or if you're working a blue-black smokey eye

Dimensions de Chanel 全方位豐盈睫毛膏 限量版 HK$285 

首先它的濃密程度非常高,但是增長及捲曲度我會扣分。因為它好像很多纖維才塑造到超濃密度,但同時也覺得它令我的睫毛變重了,變相很容易drop. 但是6-7個小時後,雖然沒有smudge, 但有出現曱甴腳的情況(應該是纖維太多了吧)。

Chanel Dimensions de Chanel Mascara #10 Noir (LE) US$32

One thing I noticed when using this is the volume - oh the volume. I had to give it up to Chanel for the name because it definitely adds dimension to my lashes, but I'd probably rate it lower for length and curl as I feel like the fibres seemed to weigh down my real lashes. After about 6-7 hours of wear, there was no smudging which is always a bonus, but it looked slightly clumpy and spidery. 

Chanel 山茶花保濕眼部微精華露 15ml HK$565



Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux US$68

At last, something I've been wanting to try for ages! I swear by the Micro Serum (one empty and just opened a new one) so I was very excited for this launch. It claims to replenish the eye area by treating to dehydrated lines as well as to boost its moisture level, allowing our delicate eye area to feel plump and looking energized. 
I don't really see a huge difference in terms of the texture of this compared to the micro serum, both are hydrating and weightless, but I shall report back on the effects after testing it for at least two more weeks. 

I hope this post helped you out! If there's anything you'd like me to review or do a video on, let me know in the comments!

*Products c/o Chanel. This post is not a sponsored post. 

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