WOW - Week of Wonders

So every week I'm going to post my 'WOW' series, although my week has been pretty boring here are some photos I've collected over the past week, summing up my week : )

We gave Bubbles a shower yesterday, and this was what he looked like after his blow drying session. We then gave him a trim so we could finally find his eyes! 

One morning I found Mochi sleeping in one of my opened shoeboxes. 

On Friday night we went out for a gathering as one of our friends flew from HK to London for his sister's graduation. We had a great time catching up and talking about haircare with the girls. 

Thursday night we went out to see the Cirque du Soleil : Kooza. It was my first time watching a show like this and I was amazed! Although it didn't quite meet my expectations (Note: I had high expectations) it was worth the discounted price we paid. Not sure if it was worth the full price for the best seats though. It was full of entertainment, amazing talent and beautiful accompanying music. I could not take my eyes off the two singers, and of course the man on stilts on the 'seesaw' (I believe it has a more professional name but the website isn't working).

On Tuesday after work I went shopping with a few of my girl friends, not forgetting to take photos of their 'No Noise' campaign which was a giant part of their window display (which was also the windows I'm working on for my Window Display assignment). 

So that has been pretty much my week apart from work and school. 
Happy Sunday!


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