Dior x Harrods - a unique collaboration

I'm sure all you fashionistas have heard about this - it is the one and only Dior x Harrods store takeover! I was super excited as I have been working on a project on Dior, and only found out through researching that Dior was going to hold an exclusive collaboration with Harrods for a month until 14th April. So of course, being the Dior fan that I am, I went on the very first day of its public opening and I was blown away. Here are a couple of photographs that I took on the day, and of course, I couldn't leave Harrods without picking up a couple of products from the Dior Makeup counter. 

DISPLAY of Limited Edition Lady Dior handbags

Dior cafe

The Dior Cafe is right next to the exhibition, however it was fully booked for the day, so an advice would be to book early! I've heard that they serve Monsieur Dior's favorite dishes such as lobster, and exclusively designed Dior cupcakes! I'm definitely going back for a taster... 

Some more photos from the exhibition...

Pieces of a Lady Dior handbag

The fragments for the iconic Lady Dior bag

Enormous Lady Dior bag

Enormous Lady Dior bag with a projected screen, showcasing the Les Ateliers du Savoir-Faire video which you can view on the Dior official website

Facade of Dior HQ

Beautifull constructed façade of 30 Avenue  Montaigne, Dior's HQ in Paris. 

Inside the windows of the façade you will find beautifully designed mini windows of Dior's distint furniture and their fragrance. 

Toiles of Dior clothes

Beautiful toiles showcasing the craftsmanship and savoir-faire of the fashion house.

Dior sketches

Display of Dior fragrancs

Mini figures wearing mini Dior pieces

These mini mannequins showcase the works by Galliano, Dior and Raf Simons, all made in its original fabrics, making sure that the fabrics don't go to waste. 

This chair is twice my height, just to let you know!

Dior phone booth

Dior telephone booth in its iconic grey, with videos that you can watch - all contributing to the sensory experience. 

The New Look by Dior

The iconic New Look

La Vie En Rose dress worn by Natalie Portman

Of course, the famous dress worn by Natalie Portman in La Vie en Rose

As we make our way to the Pop-Up shop, I see these gorgeous installations blending the heritage of Dior as well as the Britishness of Harrods. 

Lady Dior bags on display at the Pop-Up Store which also sells Limited Edition bags (Lady Dior Tartan)

Lastly I stopped by the make up counter to purchase some limited edition goods whilst been treated to a makeover by the lovely SA. It couldn't have been a better afternoon well spent. 

The Dior Addict lipsticks have to be my favorite lipsticks so far. Although rather sheer, it's buildable and extremely silky and moisturizing. 

Apart from the lipsticks, I also got the Dior Lip Glow which helps enhance the colour of the lips whilst keeping it healthy and hydrated. 
The Dior limited nail polishes 'Windsor' grey and 'Diorling' pink were on my list of to-buys, and the Dior Nude foundation which I am absolutely loving. 

That's it for my Dior x Harrods post! Hope you enjoyed the photographs and if you are in the city, definitely go take a look. It will be totally worth your time and you will be extremely inspired :) 

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