So I have always been a fan of hand and foot masks - I don't think they are particularly popular in Western countries like the States and the UK, but in Korea you can get them everywhere. I have always gone back and repurchased these because they are so good! The one I used today was the BeBe foot mask from Etude House. 

So first of all it is in a cute plastic packaging - the emphasis in the graphic design on the front is the heel, so I thought, "Perfect!". I have the worst heels - hope it's not TMI but I have really bad dead skin on my heels because I don't wear slippers or socks a lot. I've tried the foot scrub from LUSH but that didn't really help either so I wanted to try this. 

This is what it says on the back:

"Easy and comfortable foot care sheet that makes sleek and clean feet with the effect of removing keratin, relaxing the foot odor and others by wearing it." 

So I gave this another try the other day because I remember I didn't really care for it a lot when I used it last year. 

So when you open the packaging this is what you see

Open it up and this is what it looks like (like a very flat baby diaper or a granny underwear!)

You basically have to cut down the middle of the sheet so you get two sheets (duh!). Then you stick your foot in the hole where it's been cut off, soak it in for 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes and remove. 

The good thing about these foot masks is that you can still go about whatever it is you are doing and you don't have to just sit there and do nothing for an hour and a half. The outside surface is plastic so it protects the keratin from getting everywhere, whilst you are just simply soaking your feet in the keratin inside the plastic sock. 

The stickers are there for you to make sure that your feet stays in the sock and that it doesn't budge, but I didn't find the stickers helpful at all. They are quite flimsy and they keep falling off. 

So after an hour and a half, I removed it and washed off the solution  (which doesn't smell particularly good). It says on the back that "after four to six days, the keratin is naturally peeled off and the keratin is completely peeled off after 2 weeks".

To be honest, I don't think anything peeled off - either that or I didn't notice it. I also didn't notice my feet being softer or smoother. Once again I am disappointed with this product, but the other two that was in the first photo (Rich Butter Hand and Foot mask) work similarly but are extremely moisturizing. Love those two products! This keratin one just did not do it for me. 
I remember the first time I used it I peeled off the keratin a couple of hours after using it because it was annoying me so bad. It was basically like peeling off dried off glue - I didn't think it was my dead skin that I was peeling off - merely the solution. Not much of a difference before and after.

So there's my rather negative review of the Etude House BeBe Foot Mask!
I would definitely recommend the other two because they are amazing, but this keratin mask I just felt like it did nothing to my feet. 

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