HAUL: Spring & Summer Beauty Products!

I'm back with a haul! This blog post is an extension of the previous blog post (click here to read it) where I will be featuring a couple of products from the video but since then, I have also sneakily purchased a couple more things. 

Note: These photos have not been edited so you can see the true color of the product :)

Dior Poudre Shimmer (Rose Diamond)

I had to feature this product first because it is my favorite. This gorgeous highlighter/blush/all over face powder is incredible - just simply the packaging is enough to suck you in. 

The blush/powder comes in a navy compact with the silver Dior logo embossed on the top, as well as CD which flashes within the layer of the packaging according to the angle. Very glamorous and lovely to carry around in your purse.

The powder gives off a very iridescent, shimmery, rosy glow. It just warms up the skin tone without being too overwhelming. The brightest shade also allows you to highlight which makes the compact very versatile. 

Next stop was Topshop and I ordered these nail polishes online. I was meaning to try out Topshop nail polishes for a while as I have heard great things about them but was never keen on trying them. Until I found two colors that I really liked...

Topshop Nail Polish - Gone Fishing

I love how this jade green color isn't a mint, yet it isn't a pure green color. It's just one of those 'in-between shades' which I'm a huge sucker for. Haven't tried this on my nails yet though.

Topshop Holographic Nail Polish - Wistful

I ADORE this nail polish! I tried it on the first day I got this and I love the holographic effect. Although it dries up to a little bit of a matte finish (without a topcoat), it gives a gorgeous look to the nails. The color is a bit of a 'fall' color for me, but I do think that it's super pretty. Subtle, yet unique. 

Topshop Lipstick - Macaroon

 I am absolutely loving this coral lipstick from Topshop. I saw Zoella mentioning this in a haul and I have been eyeing it for a while but never ended up getting it. So I decided to treat myself to a coral lipstick as I own more coral lip glosses but no coral lipstick (it just does not make any sense!). 
My first impression: the lipstick is pretty creamy, but it also seems to be quite drying. Color is buildable, but I'm not sure about the hydrating factor - definitely need a thick layer of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream underneath.

Barry M Gelly Nai Paint - Grapefruit

I then went on ASOS to do a bit of shopping so I could get more use out of my student card (sneaky). I have been meaning to try the Gelly Nail Paints from Barry M as I was not a huge fan of their original or Texture Effect nail polishes. This one surprised me as it honestly does give a 'jelly' look with a glossy, solid finish. 

Then from Boots I picked up a couple of Revlon Lip Butters because I absolutely love these and didn't feel like I had enough of the new collection/Spring colors. 

From left to right:
Juicy Papaya, Sweet Tart, Sorbet

Left vertical streak: Sorbet
Top: Sweet Tart
Middle: Juicy Papaya
Bottom: Topshop Macaroon

I then got two of the L'Oreal Lip Stains which were 2 for £15.00 from Boots. However I picked up the wrong color! Darnit. 
Am looking forward to trying these though as I have heard about them for quite a while until I finally caved and picked them up. 

Butter London Nail Polish - Kerfuffle and Fiver

I have always been a fan of Butter London nail polishes, although they are way overpriced here in the UK (£12.00 each), the formulations are amazing! Picked up these two very summery macaroon colors (coral and soft mint). So far I have only tried Fiver (soft mint) - it looks slightly paler than it does in the bottle. I would say Essie's Mint Candy Apple is a dupe of this one. 

One thing I bought from ASOS a while ago with my student discount was this Michael Kors rose gold chronograph watch.

This is my second MK watch so far and I have yet to get this resized. But I love them and think they are super stylish. Although quite a splurge, I love the timelessness of their watches and as always, I am a sucker for rose gold. 

A while back I also picked up the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream from John Lewis. I owned one previously but it came in a jar which I didn't like. Since the texture of this cream is extremely sticky and has a thick consistency, I wasn't a big fan of dipping my fingers into the jar. I then realized that it also came in a tube, so I got the tube instead and gave the jar I had to my mother. Loving this cream so far. It is amazing for the lips, on any dry patches on the face and just works well as a versatile cream. 

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I suffer from very fine and flat hair so I was looking for something to give my hair a boost of texture. Heard about this from Zoella once again and picked it up at Boots a while back. Have used this once and although it gives my hair a coarse texture, it does the trick as an affordable product. 

I am gradually swapping out my Sigma brushes and replacing them with Real Techniques brushes. I have had my Sigma brushes for way too long (3 years I think) and they are beginning to get a bit worn since the bristles are falling apart and sticking onto my face when I do my makeup (which has not happened before). After using the Real Techniques face brushes I fell in love and decided to gradually replace my Sigma ones at a slow pace. Got this Enhanced Eyes Starter Set for approximately £20 which I thought was very reasonable. 

I told myself I did not need anymore shampoos as I still have a couple to finish off before I fly back to Hong Kong, however I could not help myself. I got a great deal on this Tigi S Factor Smoothing Salon Size Shampoo & Conditioner on FeelUnique.com and the scent is incredible! Smells of strawberries & cream just like everyone said it did which always sucks me in. Cannot wait to try this but I see myself shipping it back to Hong Kong in a couple months time instead of using it now and not being able to finish it by the time I go home. 

Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Eyeliner Pencil (Nude)

Justification: I don't own any nude eyeliner pencils! I have always just gone for champagne/pearl/white but realized that nude can give a more natural look for those casual days. 

Also from ASOS I got the POP Cat Eyes Eyeliner. Initially I thought it was quite innovative as it comes in an angled shape, but I honestly do not like this product at all! The color is not solid, it comes out more like a grey color. The thickness of the line is difficult to control, and the cat eye effect was not as easily achieved as expected. Moreover, the eyeliner smudges extremely easily - I was not happy. 

POP Peak Performance Mascara

Another product I thought was innovative was this mascara from POP. Can't review it yet as I have only used it once but I must say - this takes a bit of patience and practice. 

It has a very innovative design which enables you to coat lashes (even if you have short lashes), but the product comes out in a blob and makes applying very difficult unless you clean the brush, but then you'll have to twist the bottom again to get more product out. It's a very confusing product IMO, but like I said, I need some time to figure this out. 

So that is it for my haul! Quite a long one but I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to hear about my further thoughts on these products do let me know!
Meanwhile please check out my YouTube channel for a new video every 2-3 days! I have been working extremely hard on YouTube as I have found my passion for making videos :) It's extremely fun (yes, talking to a camera can be fun!) and I enjoy the entire process of prepping, filming and editing! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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