It's been circulating the beauty world of YouTube, and lucky that I got my hands on this a while back. I am also going to include this in my May Favorites as I have rediscovered it since all the hype (spoiler alert too late now). I have been using this palette a ton this month which brings me to the review!

Just a quick peak at the back where all of the color names are. Obviously I had misplaced the Smudge stick so it will not be in the photos but I will review it all the same.

Sneaking a quick review of the palette itself (exterior and packaging). The palette comes nice and compact which is perfect for traveling. It is thinner than the Naked/Naked 2 palette which is its winning factor. It comes in a soft rose gold/metallic taupe color which makes it look extremely similar to the Naked 2 palette, apart from the fact that instead of tin it is made in a very thick cardboard material. 
Shadow color names are on the back of the palette which could be a little annoying but to be honest, when you're doing you're makeup, when do you ever need to know the name of the color you are wearing!
This palette lasts for 12 month after opening/first time use, but me, being the naughty makeup addict I am, I have used this for almost a year and am not planning to throw it out anytime soon. It's too good a palette!

The palette comes with ten colors from champagne/pearl colors, to warm copper colors, and finally Stila has thrown in some cool and dark tones in there too. 

Side note, my favorite and most-used colors to use are: Kitten, Sunset, Champagne and Sandstone. 

Swatches of the first row. 
Bare is a matte pale nude color which is perfect for the base color on the eyes. However the color is very translucent on the skin, especially when it is pretty much the same color as the powder I use as I am slightly pale. 

Kitten is a huge favorite amongst many YouTube beauty girls such as AllThatGlitters21. It is very shimmery, with a soft copper tint. It is also one of my favorite eyeshadow colors full stop.

Bliss is very similar with kitten except with a deeper saturation. It has a very warm rose gold tone and has a slight shimmer. 

Sunset is a warm milk chocolate color with shimmer. 

Sandstone is a matte chocolate color.

I personally prefer the shimmery colors as opposed to the matte colors in this palette. All colors are extremely pigmented (except for Bare) and are very visible on the eyes/skin. 

The bottom 5 are cooler tones which I use less of. 

Champagne and  Glided Gold are rather warm colors. With champagne being, well, obviously a champagne color with an slight mustard/orange tint. Glided Gold in my opinion is very similar to Sunset however it is less saturated. On the palette it looks like a dusty gold color, but on the skin it transfers as a bronze color. 

Luster is not as intimidating as it looks on the palette. It has an olive green undertone which I think is quite unique. 

Night Sky is a charcoal blue color which I think is gorgeous. 

Ebony is a matte black color which is an essential to any travel palette, perfect for adding to the outer corner for the evening to intensify the eyes. 

In terms of texture, the Stila eyeshadows can be very crumbly. This makes it easier to have fall outs when applying the eyeshadow so I would heavily recommend using an eyeshadow shield or a tissue, or you can do the complexion after the eyes. 
You can probably see from the above that the eyeshadows come off a little dusty with little specks. 

Just touching on the Smudge Stick really quickly, it isn't exactly a smudge-proof eyeliner. Obviously if you want to smudge out your eyeliner then it is perfect for those intense looks for the evening. However I would not recommend it as a daily eyeliner. The smudge stick that comes in the palette is a dark brown. 

So that is it for the palette review. If I missed out anything please do let me know in the comments. 

Would you repurchase this palette? 
No, I would probably buy Kitten and Sunset on its own and skip the entire palette as I feel like I only use those colors most. 

Would you recommend it?
 I would definitely recommend it to someone who isn't a beginner at makeup, but you don't have to be super advaned to use this palette either. Just beware of the fallouts. The colors are extremely easy to match and blend together, so just make sure you know which color goes with which before applying. 

You can buy it here. 

Hope this helps!
Lots of love,

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