Erin Condren Life Planner

Since the New Year I have been looking for a new, practical planner that I could easily express my creativity with to motivate me, yet still remains functional to get me organized for the year. 
Since I have multiple jobs (tutoring, YouTube/Blog, managing an online store), I need to be able to be on top of everything and know when I have a tutoring job, what videos or blog posts I need to get down, and at the same time meet the deadlines for my online store so it runs smoothly. 
I decided to try out the Erin Condren planner having seen so many YouTube videos on it and felt like it best suited my needs. 
Although rather large in size compared to my previous Filofax sized planners, I do find it functional in terms of the way it is composed. With a monthly view and large weekly spreads I am able to fit everything in it whilst being creative around it with washi tapes and stickers. 


Of course, the first thing I did was go out and buy a bunch of washi tapes as I've never owned a single one before (shamefully, I only recently knew the existence of washi tapes - have I been living under a rock?!) Washi tapes just add a whole different level to my planner, spicing it up with color, patterns ad textures. 
Something else I began to collect are stickers. All different kinds from puffy 3D ones to flat ones, animal stickers; makeup stickers; marker stickers.. the lot! I used to have a sticker obsession and collected them in a load of sticker books which, unfortunately, my mom threw out when I got tired of them (wish I was able to make more use out of them now thinking about it). 
I also borrowed the Canon Selphy C900 printer from my sister for journaling - it is perfect for printing out thumbnail or even palm sized instagram photos for decoration and memory-keeping. 
Digital Papers, Coil Clips (Stick-E Beans Clips are the ones I use), sticky notes and journaling cards I simply downloaded off the internet also contributed to making my planner inspirational (to me) and decorative. 

If you'd like a closer, more in-depth look at my planner, I made a video all about it!
Are any of you into planning or journaling? If so I'd love to hear from you of any organization or decoration tips you may have!

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