Revlon HD Lip stick & Lip Lacquer - Review & Swatches

800 Azalea
870 Tulip
855 Geranium
825 Hydrangea
Recently I attended Revlon's launch event and walked away with, what I thought was, some brilliant new products that would wow me in every way possible. 
Revlon HD Lipsticks

At first sight, I felt the packaging had improved from previous products. With a more airy feel to the this no-nonsense, minimal packaging I started to have expectations. Then came to the inside of the packaging which I find as a fault to the lipsticks. The lipstick does not twist all the way down under the rim of the packaging which is incredibly annoying. This is because when I want to (carelessly) put the lid back on, the lid easily damages the tip of the lipsticks. 
As we move onto application, I found the radius of the lipsticks larger than most lipsticks I own. This is personal preference but I found the lipsticks too wide for my liking - as I have very strangely shaped lip (this is where I get very picky), I like to have more precision and control when I'm applying my lipstick. However I found these difficult to apply, and rather challenging to be very precise. 
Several lip shades such as Tulip and Azalea were very patchy. No matter how many layers I tried to build, I find these shades rather sheer and the finish was just extremely unflattering. They gritted on to my lips and left them in a patchy mess! Geranium and Hydrangea were a bit better with higher pigmentation, which I found were easier to work with. However after one hour, the colors faded and soon enough, I was utterly disappointed. The only thing I would say is I do like the finishes of these lipsticks - with a bit of sheen but not too glossy yet not too matte. 
Would I purchase? No
500 Garnet
510 Tourmaline
Fire Opal

530 Rose Quartz
Revlon HD Lip Lacquer

Although I'm not a huge fan of lipglosses in general, I was slightly more impressed with the lip lacquers. Extremely high in pigmentation, the lip glosses were easier to work with and I was pleasantly surprised with the color payoff. 
I know I know, I could've done better with a lip pencil to prevent feathering - however I felt like these swatches would show my readers how the product actually looks like without anything else - no photoshop, no retouch, no extra work. Just the product and my lips. 
I will say though, the product is very very gloopy. Hence, on my lips it felt like a thick slab of color which then, of course, stuck to my hair. Overall it felt uncomfortable on my lips. Although not a fan of metallic shades I felt that Rose Quartz was indeed, the prettiest shade out of the ones I got sent. Garnet is probably the second best in a beautiful fuschia shade. Much as I love their blushes and their balm stains, Revlon has failed to impress me with these HD lippies. They would take a lot of hard work to make them look good, and for someone like me who are low maintenance on most days, I simply don't want to spend an extra five minutes on my lips just to work around a lip product. 
Have you tried any of these new HD lippies and were you as disappointed as I was?
*Products were sent to me by Revlon. This is not a sponsored post.

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