Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review

I've been eyeing this eyeshadow palette since it launched in the States because let's be honest, the packaging and eyeshadow shades are totally up my street. 
The palette boosts mainly neutral, wearable shades as well as a few extras for that pop of color, which in my opinion is the best of both worlds. You've got your everyday shadows and get more use out of the palette, and on the occasion where you want to amp up your look with something extra, you can easily do that too. 
The eyeshadows are fairly pigmented, with a soft, buttery texture which enables the shadows to blend seamlessly with each other. Fallout hasn't been too evident in this palette apart from the shade 'Pop' which tends to have a bit more glitter fallout. My favorite shade in this palette has to be Danger, which although I don't use as much, it is just absolutely gorgeous with that satin, pearlescent finish. 
For an everyday look I tend to use most of the shades in the first row, as well as Baby and Zone on the second row. 
The only thing I would say about this palette is the weighty packaging. This is such a versatile palette I would be more than happy to take with me traveling, but the weight and size of the palette suggests that it won't be a good idea. However, if you are all for luxurious packaging, this won't disappoint. 

Here's an Instavideo I made swatching this palette.
A video posted by Bethni Y 💜 (@bethniy) on
I'll be swatching the Gwen Stefani blush palette and some other lippies from the range on this blog soon, don't forget to follow me on Instagram for updates and more short beauty videos!
這個眼影盤有15款眼影色,大部分都是自然大地色 再配上幾款 「特別」的顏色包括淺粉紅,及寶藍色。這個配搭對我來說是最實用的,因為最常用的大地色在手,而且再配上幾款突出的眼影,特別的日子都可以讓眼妝可以更多元化。
Urban Decay的眼影質素不用多說,我一直都是他們的粉絲。這個palette也不例外,眼影上色之餘,粉質感覺比之前的更細膩,而柔滑的眼影粉讓我非常輕易推開及配搭其他顏色而不會留「痕」。其實這個眼影盤讓我心心眼的顏色是 Danger, 一個帶有珠光的寶藍色 (雖然自己都不常用,但顏色真的很漂亮啊!)平日我都喜歡用第一行所有顏色,及第二行的Baby 及 Zone,做眼部輪廓及打亮都非常美。
這個palette的唯一缺點是包裝太重了,本來我還想帶去旅遊 (這些顏色去旅遊用太完美了),但拿上手之後發覺太厚太重便打消這個念頭。但是如果你喜歡比較奢華的包裝的話,這個應該不會讓你失望!

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