I can never get enough of Zoeva. First off, their brushes are out of this world and to be honest, I didn't have high expectations regarding their makeup products, but I was wowed again when I tried them out and since then I've been a huge fan and avid collector of Zoeva products. They are probably the only brand that are very consistent with their quality in all their makeup ranges and for the price you pay, you're getting a bang for your buck for sure. 

So when they came out with the Nude Spectrum and Coral Spectrum palette I couldn't help but purchase them to add to my collection. 



The Nude Spectrum eyeshadow palette consists of 15 eyeshadow shades - all of which are extremely buttery and pigmented (I'm not surprised!). Featuring a variety of wearable neutral shades with a selection of both matte and shimmer finishes makes this a versatile, yet functional palette. The shades range from light base shades to taupe, gold and a handful of browns allowing you to play around with your eye makeup whilst making it office-approved. 

The packaging is simple, lightweight (perfect for vacations!) with the downside of lacking a mirror which doesn't really bother me too much - most of their palettes don't include a mirror and I use a separate magnifying one anyway because I'm blind as a bat. 

Zoeva嘅Nude Spectrum眼影盤有15隻眼影顏色,當然全部都係好滑好顯色(一啲都唔驚奇喇!)所有顏色都係實用大地色,亦都有唔同嘅finish -啞色同珠光都有齊。顏色種類雖然都係啡色為主,但都有唔同嘅色調比你玩眼妝!

包裝非常簡單同輕,帶去旅行一流。唯一缺點係冇鏡,不過我自己就冇乜所謂 (因為我遠視要用放大鏡化妝 哈哈)。 

Here I'm wearing: ND140 as a base, ND130 on my inner corners, ND070 all over my eyelid and ND050 to smoke out the eyes

我搽上:打底色 ND140, 內眼角 ND130, 整個眼皮 ND070, 最後用ND050去令眼妝更smokey

The Coral Spectrum palette is gradually becoming a favorite too, since I'm now learning to layer my blush for more of a contouring effect. The palette includes a bright coral shade, a dusty rose, a shimmery rose which is almost a dupe of NARS Orgasm, and a light peachy color. 
Again the blushes are extremely smooth and easily blendable though with Zoeva, their products are fairly pigmented, so I tend to be a bit more light-handed with the blush. Again, another great palette for vacations 

到佢嘅Coral Specrum 胭脂盤喇!呢個都就快成為其中一個最愛。佢包括有一個顯色的珊瑚紅,淡玫瑰粉紅,帶有珠光嘅橙紅(同NARS Orgasm極之相似)同埋一個淺嘅桃色。

To be very honest, apart from the mirror issue, the only fault I can say is the eyeshadows can be a tiny bit crumbly resulting in some fallout. This is not a huge problem for me as they can be easily swept away with a clean brush, but you are getting so much value for the price you are paying and I can't recommend them enough. If Nude Spectrum and Coral Spectrum aren't your colors, definitely check out the other selections they have from the same collection! I'm contemplating on getting Warm Spectrum to add to my collection too, but will get more use out of this one in the meantime as I feel like it's all the eyeshadows I'll ever need. 

好老實講除咗包裝冇包括鏡之外,另一個唔太好嘅就係佢有少少飛粉,不過都係唔嚴重的,用化妝掃掃一掃已經可以整走,但係以佢呢個價錢同呢個質素我真係非常推介!如果對Nude Spectrum同Coral Spectrum呢啲顏色冇乜興趣,佢同系列都有推出唔同顏色,大家不妨去睇睇啦!

Let me know which one you're keen on getting or if you've got them, which one do you have?


This post is not sponsored. All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. 


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