If you've been following my YouTube channel you may know that I've been on the hunt for the best cushion foundation for my skin, which resulted in a series of Cushion Foundation demos & reviews where I tested them throughout the day as well as analysed the packaging and price. 

I guess cushion foundations require no explaining as they have been all the hype over the past few years. I believe they originated from Korea and gradually we are seeing more and more European and US brands offering their version of cushion foundations. What's not to love? They are compact and convenient, great for using at home or touching up on-the-go. 

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The Givenchy Teint Couture is US$50 for one compact (no refill) and a sponge. I was pretty surprised that I didn't even get a leaflet (the ones you get with most luxury brands that tell you what's in it, how to use it, what's good about it and so on). Instead there are illustrations printed inside the box to show you how to use it. The exterior is a plain black case with the Givenchy logo and in my opinion, does  look pretty chic and covetable. 

Prior to purchasing this, I hadn't read about it nor did I see it in person so I did not know what to expect, thinking it was like any regular cushion. This is one of the first cushion foundations I've seen that does not actually contain a cushion sponge inside. Instead it uses a metal plate to separate the foundation, thus allowing the foundation or the product to maintain its freshness and won't go off as easily. I personally love this design, not just for its aesthetic but I somehow find this more hygienic than other traditional cushions. All you have to do is gently use the sponge and press against the metal plate, and a sufficient amount will be dispensed into the sponge. 

Do note that the first few times you push, there would be no product, so be patient otherwise you may end up like me where I was constantly pushing and lo and behold, what seems like a stream of product comes gushing out from the compact. But apart from that tiny mishap, it was all good. It seems as though a lot of thought had been put into the design and that's one thing I like. 

The application sponge is pretty standard - soft, but nothing particularly special.


Here is the Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion in #1 Fresh Porcelain - before and after oxidization.

I purchased Shade #1 Fresh Porcelain which, upon application, was just right for my skin tone. However within seconds it had oxidized, although nothing too drastic from my natural skin tone, it was more apparent when I tried to build up the coverage.  However throughout the day it didn't oxidize anymore, but do be careful when selecting your shade. 

Due to the metal plate I presume, as the product touched my skin it had a cooling and refreshing effect, which is one big bonus for me, especially in the forthcoming Hong Kong summer. 
I would say the coverage is medium, not as low as the Dior Bloom Cushion yet not as high as the YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau or Shu Uemura TokyoSmart Cushion. It's a pretty acceptable coverage level especially for its lightweight texture that felt great on my skin. You can imagine, by now I was fairly impressed and was pretty sure this would be the cushion foundation for summer. 

There was a nice, naturally radiant glow on the high points on my face, yet the rest of my face stayed semi-matte and once set, felt almost like second-skin. Not too heavy or cakey - it was just right and I didn't even feel the urge to powder at first (though it was 29 degrees celsius outside with 79% humidity).


I would say this foundation lasts well for about 7 hours (which is pretty long!). At the 7 hour point, it didn't feel too greasy either, but started to cake and separate a little. By 10 hours it was pretty patchy and dry, and although I tried touching up at the 7 hour point, it didn't help much. 
However, overall it still looked great compared to the other cushions I've tried and it's a foundation that I'm keen to use again even in the summer months. 

I do apologize that this blog post was a bit more lengthy than usual!
If you'd like to see my video where I demonstrated applying it and how it lasted throughout 10 hours, click here!

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如果有留意開我嘅  YouTube Channel 就會知道近來我瘋狂測試氣墊粉底,不同品牌都有測試一整天,希望能夠尋找適合自己的Cushion粉底。相信大家都熟悉韓國流行的氣墊粉底,漸漸越來越多歐美品牌都推出氣墊粉底,搞到自己都非常好奇。自己亦都覺得呢個設計系唔錯,方便實用,喺屋企用又得,出街用來補妝又得。

有興趣睇我對YSL 氣墊粉底嘅用後感歡迎按這裡


Givenchy 的金屬氣墊粉底 價格 HK$460 一個 內附一個粉撲, 不含補充裝。其實我幾驚喜打開黑色紙盒後裡面冇一張紙仔(平時好多專櫃品牌都好鍾意附上一張紙 詳細描述件產品點用,有咩特點同埋有咩成份嫁嘛)。不過黑紙盒裡面就有印上圖案指示。盒嘅外型都比較時尚,黑色及印上Givenchy logo, 簡單得黎都幾有時尚同典雅感。





顏色方便我選擇咗 1號 Fresh Porcelain, 剛剛搽上面嘅時候顏色係啱我膚色。不過其實佢好快速(幾秒內)就氧化咗。雖然唔係話氧化得好厲害 未至於用唔著,但係嘗試上多一層嘅時候係明顯見到兩截色。不過好處就係之後都唔覺有再氧化,所以大家購買嘅時候都要留意下。

應該因為用鐵片嘅關係,搽上面有陣涼涼嘅感覺,特別夏日天時用應該都會幾舒服(加分!)遮瑕度中等,冇Dior Bloom咁低 亦唔及YSL同Shu Uemura咁高。我自己個人覺得cushion黎講個遮瑕度係接受到,特別係因為佢個質地非常透薄,感覺好舒服。到咗呢個時候我都覺得呢個係一個幾適合夏天用嘅cushion. 

佢喺面嘅high point會帶有小小亮澤,但係其他位置都係偏matte 唔會太有水潤感,而set咗之後更加似自己第二層皮膚。唔會太厚,太焗,我啱啱搽上面都唔覺得需要上定妝粉(雖然當時29度 同相對濕度 79%)。


呢個粉底都last到7個鐘頭。去到7個鐘頭都未覺得油,不過有浮粉跡象。去到10個鐘頭都有顯乾紋同埋唔均勻,雖然到咗7個小時果個位已經有補粉 不過都唔太大幫助。不過總括黎講 同其他氣墊粉底比較的話,我覺得佢去到7個小時位已經算好睇,我都願意夏天用佢。


Not sponsored. I purchased the Givenchy Cushion Foundation with my own money. 

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