早前出席 Gucci 香水發佈會,但竟然被本來做裝飾的化妝品吸引。之前有聽說過 Gucci出化妝品 但因為全香港只有一個counter,遲遲都未有機會試上手(而且去了就一定對銀行戶口不利)。點知試上手有意外驚喜,亦已經深深愛上... 

I attended a Gucci fragrance launch a few weeks ago, but ended up getting distracted by the gorgeous makeup products that were on display on the tables. I have heard of Gucci products before, but since there is only one counter in Hong Kong, I never ended up visiting (and I know that once I go, it will not be good for my bank account). However I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products, and am now in love...

 Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Mono - #020 Sunstone (自購/Purchased)
HK$310 / US$37

本來不打算買單色眼影,因為自己比較鐘意用palette (夠方便嘛),但係見到呢個顏色真係忍唔住買返黎。原來呢個顏色成日斷貨,本身係BA自留 佢竟然主動讓比我 所以真係要多謝Louis! 呢個顏色係好夢幻的珍珠白色,閃粉都好幼細 做到低調blingbling效果。用來打亮眼頭位置之外 仲可以做highlight 搽喺顴骨對上位置或者唇峰 。粉質係非常細滑,而包裝細細粒帶出街方便。

上色度: 10/10
柔滑度: 9/10
值得買指數: 10/10

I wasn't intending on buying mono eyeshadows, since I like using palettes more (it's more convenient and you don't need to waste time deciding on what colors go with what). However I couldn't help myself when I saw this gorgeous shade. Turns out this was sold out, and the SA had it on hold for himself but he was kind enough to let me have it (Thank you Louis)! It is a beautiful shimmery champagne shade, with finely milled shimmers that look amazing on the skin. It can be used for brightening up the inner corner, all over the lid as a base shade, and can also be used as a highlight on the cheekbones and cupid's bow. Amazing, fine formula and great packaging for on-the-go.

Color Payoff: 10/10
Blendability: 9/10
Worth Purchasing? : 10/10

Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Quad - #040 Autumn Fire (自購/Purchased)
HK$545 / US$65

我入去Gucci counter嘅時候目標係買佢嘅4色眼影盒,因為喺event深深愛上佢嘅質地同包裝。今次帶咗Autumn Fire返屋企,主要係鐘意佢有一個matte嘅啡色做眼部陰影 ,顏色配合得靚同埋容易使用。包裝實在係太靚喇,黑色盒子配有金色邊圍住,打開後有一塊鏡子,同埋眼影都有印 Gucci monogram. 


上色度: 10/10
柔滑度: 9/10
值得買指數: 7/10

When I was heading to the Gucci counter, I knew I wanted to get my hands on one of their eyeshadow quads since I fell in love with it after swatching it at the event. I took Autumn Fire home, mainly due to the fact it had a matte brown eyeshadow for contouring the eyes. The color combination is great and is easy to use, along with the beautifully designed packaging. It comes in a black case with gold accents as well as a mirror. The eyeshadows have are beautifully embossed with the Gucci monogram. 
Unfortunately after taking this home and trying it on my eyes, I decided it didn't suit me as much as I'd liked, which is why the worth purchasing rating is a little lower for this. However I am hoping to get my hands on more cooler-toned eyeshadows from Gucci since the formula is incredible. 

*Comes with two dual-ended sponge-tip applicators

Color Payoff: 10/10
Blendability: 9/10
Worth Purchasing: 7/10

Gucci Sheer Blushing Powder - #050 Spicy Petal
HK$430 / US$49

胭脂本來我冇打算買,但係入到去counter真係會想咩都帶曬返屋企。最終決定買返個胭脂做review (beth成日買太多眼影)。今次買嘅胭脂色系我collection裡面冇嘅顏色,帶有珠光的裸色,不過鏡頭下顏色睇落比真人睇偏橙,請留意喔。珠光其實都唔係喺相片睇落咁明顯,上咗面帶有些少光澤但比較自然的。不過上色度同搽出來嘅效果都唔錯,上色得黎好柔滑!已經考慮緊買隻粉紅色系嘅返黎!
*附有一支胭脂掃 -呢支掃好似diffuse咗個胭脂咁,用胭脂掃搽出來的效果冇咁上色

上色度: 8/10
柔滑度: 9/10
值得買指數: 8/10

I didn't really intend on picking up the blush, but the Gucci counter was literally like heaven-on-earth and it made me want to take everything home! I finally decided to pick up a blush to review (I buy too many eyeshadows for my own good). This time I picked up a shade that I didn't own in my collection - a pearlescent nude shade. Do note that under the camera lens, it looks more orange and shimmery than it does in real life. It gives off a beautiful soft glow on the cheeks, and has great color payoff. I am definitely pleased with the blush formulas too and will be picking up another shade. 

*Comes with a blush brush which diffuses the pigmentation slightly.

Color Payoff: 8/10
Blendability: 9/10
Worth Purchasing: 8/10

買咗嘅4色眼影盒同胭脂都會有印上Gucci monogram的絨袋仔。

The eyeshadow quad and blush came with a velvet pouch


Gucci Pigment-Rich Lipstick
HK$300 / US$39

最後就當然唔少得唇妝產品啦! 身為脣膏控的Beth,見到個包裝已經溶掉了。黑金色主題的包裝打開脣膏蓋之後,會見到金色的 tube 印上 Gucci monogram的紋。教我如何可以不愛它..
而上圖見到唇膏搽出來都好實色,好滑的!滋潤度同持久度 對咁實色嘅胭脂來說已經很不錯!

上色度: 10/10
柔滑度: 8/10
滋潤度: 7/10
持久度: 6/10
值得買指數: 7/10

Of course I couldn't leave without picking up a few lip products. As a lip addict, it was enough to just stare at the beautiful packaging. The lipstick comes in a black case with gold accents as well, but once you take off the lid, a gold case with the Gucci monogram embossed is revealed - probably one of the prettiest lipstick packagings I have seen. 
As you can see, the lipsticks swatch pretty well in just one stroke. Pigmented and a light creamy formula, making it a hydrated yet long-lasting lipstick. 

Color Payoff: 8/10
Creaminess: 8/10
Hydration: 7/10
Longevity: 6/10
Worth Purchasing: 7/10

#305 - Carnation

#445 - Lilac

Gucci Pigment-Rich Lipstick - #445 Lilac layered with #305 Carnation

#520 - Wild Amarena* (試用)

Gucci Matte Lipstick
HK$300 / US$40


上色度: 10/10
柔滑度: 7/10
滋潤度: 7/10
持久度: 9/10
值得買指數: 7/10

The Matte Lipsticks are longer and slimmer in design, and was recommended to me by my friend who said they are the most non-drying matte lipsticks she's tried. It has a creamy matte formula and though not necessarily hydrating, it didn't make my lips chapped. 
The only thing I don't like about this is how long-lasting they are. When it was time to remove the lipstick, it seemed tattooed to my lips and was difficult to remove.

Color Payoff: 10/10
Creaminess: 7/10
Hydration: 7/10
Longevity: 9/10
Worth Purchasing: 7/10

#260 Adrenaline* (試用)

#200  - Intriguing Nude (自購)

覺得 Gucci Beauty真係有驚喜。包裝奢華之餘,品質真係冇得輸 (當然價錢亦都反映咗呢兩個好處)。
可Skip 產品:唇膏


So there you have my Gucci haul! Brilliant packaging design and amazing quality (although there is a price to pay for that!)
Must haves: Eyeshadows
Can Skip: Lipsticks

I'm so excited to pick up more products from Gucci such as their face products! Hope this post helped you out, and let me know if you've tried any Gucci products!

*This post is not sponsored. Some products I purchased with my own money and several were sent for consideration to review - these are marked in the post. 



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