I don't think there was ever a brand which launched 100 lipsticks all at once, and if there ever were a brand that would go to these limits it would no doubt be Urban Decay. I have been a fan of their eyeshadows for many years (my first ever eyeshadow palette was the Naked 1), but I never showed too much interest in their lipsticks until now. 

So a whopping 100 new shades to choose from and what else? What's so special? 
Apart from promising rich, pigmented and a creamy texture, the lipsticks are infused with aloe-vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils to keep your lips nourished and soft along with Illipe butter that provides long-lasting moisture. Not only do we have 100 new shades but in 6 different finishes as well including: Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. They retail for USD17.00 or HKD150.00 which to be honest, is not a bad price considering the usual quality and price point of Urban Decay. 

I received the Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream and Metallized finishes to swatch and review for you all today. 


The new lipsticks are encased in a cool silvery-toned packaging with the Urban Decay logo embossed on the top, as well as the text logo on the side. With a touch of gold on the bottom of the bullet case, it is rather elegant and sleek for its price point. What I love most are the colored stickers on the bottom of the lipstick which refer you to the shade, where I don't have to read the name (too lazy for that sometimes) to find the shade I want to use. 


In general, you can see that the lipsticks swatch quite well. Fairly pigmented, even and creamy when swatched on the hand. I would say some shades don't particularly "glide on" but I will get to that when I review each formula!

On its own

On top of a lip balm

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick - Backtalk (Comfort Matte)

Backtalk is a beautiful pinky nude, which is one of my current favorite shades to wear this summer. I fell in love with this the moment I swatched it and much to my surprise, the formula is heavenly
It's creamy consistency allows it to glide on my lips without sacrificing pigmentation and evenness and the matte finish without a lip balm is gorgeous. I do like layering this over a lip balm though just because my lips tend to get really dry and it ends up being a semi-matte. It wears pretty well on the lips although I find I need to touch up with a lip balm every 3 hours or so, but this has to be my favorite finish out of all the 6 finishes. The velvety finish is incredible, and as the name suggests, it's comfortable and pretty to wear.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick - Big Bang (Metallized)

Although all my blogger friends have been raving about this, I can't say I'm too keen. It is pretty in the tube and on the lips, but I'm not likely to wear this out on any occasion. The metallized finishes are pretty creamy too, although they require a bit of building up (will probably look better layered on top of a lip pencil or lipstick). I must say, the shimmers are very fine and not chunky at all, if you are looking for that ultra shimmery yet non-messy lipstick, this is the one. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick - Firebird (Cream finish)

This is probably my second favorite finish as it is probably the most creamiest and pigmented lipstick I have ever used. It is easy to apply even on my difficult lip shape, and only requires about one layer if you've got that precise application (I usually have to go over my lip shape about two times at the very least to get everything accurate). Firebird is a gorgeous fuschia that gives that pop of color to your complexion - it's sharp edgy look makes it very "Urban Decay", and most important of all I think this is the most hydrating out of the bunch!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick - 714 (Mega Matte)

On to 714, I thought this was just mediocre. The shade is a gorgeous warm-toned red which is always a classic, but I found this harder to apply compared to the Cream formula. It took me a while to get everything to look even (a lip pencil would be advised), and the lipstick clung to my lips making the process rather challenging. The Mega Matte finish is as what it says - mega matte, but I personally think the Comfort Matte looks and feels way better on the lips. I would say I'm rather disappointed in this finish because I have tried other matte lipsticks that are more creamy and hydrating than this one.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick - Pandemonium (Mega Matte)

Believe me guys I did try, but my lips definitely did not like Pandemonium! Even with a lip balm and a lip primer (I used MAC), the color just did not go on well on my lips. You can see it looks pretty patchy, and ended up drying out my lips. Don't get me wrong, the color is amazing although it's not something I would personally wear, but I would say this is very close to the Urban Decay signature color, but I would skip this completely just because the formula is pretty disappointing. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil - Pandemonium

I did end up trying to layer this lip pencil underneath the lipstick above, but it still did not look that great. Maybe my lips just don't cooperate with Mega Mattes? I have no clue. I do appreciate that they provided a lip pencil but it's not particularly creamy and didn't work well with my lips at all. 

Did you guys pick up any of the Vice lipsticks and if so, what shade and finish is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

*Not sponsored. Products were sent to me by Urban Decay for consideration to review. 


  1. Backtalk is for sure my favourite shade!
    I love your photography work!

    1. Thank you so much Diana! Backtalk is amazing <3

  2. Hi Beth,

    I've been watching your very first youtube video from the start and have been a supporter ever since. This is the first time I came across your blog ( not too late I hope lol) and omg what have I been missing out on! I never leave any comments on youtube or instagram or whatsoever but after reading you blog for like almost half an hour I just NEED you to know you have evolved so much these years and I feel like I am growing with you along these years and I wish you all the success that you deserved. I am so impressed with the quality, attention to details and honest opinions from your videos and blog! You are just amazing! not to mention ever since you started vlogging again I like your personality even more! xx

    love from australia
    Dorothy :)



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