Recently I was sent the new NARS Velvet Lip Glides which I was really excited to try. Liquid lipsticks with a nourishing formula? Yes please! This is probably one of the most exciting launches this season and I can't wait to try them out for you guys!

The Velvet Lip Glide is a very pigmented liquid lipstick with a glossy finish (some people have said it's a velvet finish - I don't know what they're talking about because honestly when I apply this, I just see a huge slab of gloss on my lips). Personally I wish they'd make it in a matte formula because that does seem to be the trend these days, but the good thing is that this formula is pretty hydrating. You can blot it with tissue or a sponge to achieve a more matte finish but without a lip pencil or lipstick underneath, it ends up patchy. It's also not a lip product that lasts all day and practically disappears after a meal - have to mention that does come off quite patchy too, but certain shades do leave a stain on your lips. 

It has a vanilla scent to it which is not super strong or repulsive, personally I do like a little bit of fragrance as long as it doesn't irritate my skin. They are also very pigmented, however certain shades apply funny on the lips whilst others perform great. 

The packaging is sleek, simple and very 'NARS', but I particularly like the doefoot applicator. It reminds me of the Revlon Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, and allows ease of application and control. If you do make a mistake, a sponge or a tissue can clean it up easily without staining your face or lip contour area. 

My favorite out of this group would have to be Bound which is a pretty dusty rose color. It's the one I've been reaching for the most out of the rest. Playpen is also a great everyday shade with a bit of coral hint to it, whilst Unlaced and Stripped are just too 'nude' and light for my skin tone. These two also don't apply as opaque as the bottom two so I would advise a lip pencil or lipstick underneath. 

To be honest, there doesn't seem to be a huge difference in the red shades. Mineshaft is just a tad bit more on the orange side, whereas No. 54 is a beautiful bright red. Le Palace is the classic cool-toned red, though all of them are pigmented, applies on evenly and surprisingly doesn't bleed as much as I expected. 

I must say, NARS did a good job on the Pinks! Both Danceteria and Le Main Bleue are beautiful but I would say Le Main Bleue is a bit more special whereas you can find shades like Danceteria anywhere. I love the berry tone of Le Main Bleue, it's very mysterious and demure, yet wearable in the daytime or on a night out. 

Last but not least are the Deeps, which were the most disappointing. The shades are beautiful, particularly Area which is a deep brownish red, however Unspeakable and Toy just don't apply well on the lips. They are pigmented but when you try to go over the lips to even them out, both of them just tend to slip and slide and you're left with a patchy mess. Fortunately, Area was better in this case and applied pretty well. Again, I would recommend using something underneath just to avoid patchiness on the lips.

So that's my review and swatches of the NARS Velvet Lip Glides! Have any of you tried them and if so, which shades did you pick? 

*Products were sent by NARS for consideration to review. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. 

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  1. Great review. Thanks for the precious infos, photos, swatches etc. Greatly appreciate your effort and work. Your blog is a gold mine for beauty and make up reviews. Thumbs up! Keep well X



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