Colourpop is finally shipping to Hong Kong! I got my hands on a few Colourpop items the last time I was in the States but it seemed to be not enough because soon after I was dying to get my hands on more! 

I placed my order on 23rd September and the package arrived on the 5th October, which wasn't too bad considering it was coming from the States, plus I managed to take advantage of their free worldwide shipping promotion.
The package was very well wrapped with a lot of cushioning to protect the pieces. Only received one eyeshadow that was slightly cracked, but other products arrived perfect in this beautiful box. 

I picked up a bunch of eyeshadows because honestly for the price, you couldn't get a better deal. I love the texture of the eyeshadows, it feels like you're dipping your finger into a really soft sponge, yet you get the full package: pigmentation, blendability and smoothness. 
Some shades are not as solid as others such as Eye Candy and Tea Party with a bit more emphasis on the glitter (which is very prominent!) Rex is also a very special shade with a grey-black base and blue glitter. My favorite still has to be Weenie and probably Tang, as it's one of the few smooth matte shades I've tried. 

I also picked up a couple of creme gel liners as I wanted to try ones in hard-to-get shades, and these pastel shades were right up my street, although not your everyday shades they do spice up a boring eye makeup look! I love how the gel liners went on very solid in one stroke, pretty creamy and smooth. Get Paid was a little more tricky than the others since it is a shimmery liner (which by the way, what?! How gorgeous does it look!), it was slipping and sliding a little bit, but can definitely work with it if you give it some patience. 
I also tried removing the swatches with my powerful Helena Rubenstein Eye Makeup Remover and it took me some time and effort too, so I do predict these liners to be smudge-proof and budge-proof. I will be back with an update on these.

Lippie Pencils! I was really excited to try these out because lip liners are one of those things you can never have enough of, yet they can be so pricey! I picked up five shades in different tones and I love how they swatched - again very creamy, smooth and pigmented. I hope these are hydrating! 

I'm not sure why I only picked up one lippie stix, maybe I was a bit skeptical but I am for sure picking up more of these (yep, just based on that swatch!). It felt very hydrating and creamy when I swatched it, the shade is gorgeous and pigmented. Have yet to see whether it dries into a matte finish but I'll give you an update on it once I've tried it out. Beautiful color though!

And of course, you can't shop on Colourpop and not buy their liquid lipsticks - I feel like it's become such a cult product that everyone is basically collecting them now. I got 8 shades, 4 on the nude/red side and 4 on the purple side. I love how they have more crazy shades for me to play with. Again they swatch beautifully. I'm loving how Viper and Dopey look! 

Apart from the eyeshadows, the highlighters have got to be my favorite Colourpop products. Just look how beautiful those swatches look! I didn't buy more because I don't highlight every single day and it will take me forever to go through these, but the highlighters just look absolutely stunning on the skin. No tugging or cakey-ness, just pure, buttery heaven. 
Monster is a very iridescent shade but has a duo chrome effect that gives it a special place in my heart, whilst Lunch Money is more of an everyday champagne shade, but still has a beautiful pearlescent finish. For the price, you can't go wrong with these.

So that was my Colourpop haul! Have you guys tried Colourpop and if so, which is your favorite product/shade? If you haven't tried them yet, I honestly urge you to go for it. I honestly didn't expect much given the affordable price but was pleasantly surprised since the first time I swatched them. 

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  1. OMG!! love all the color collections, esp the BE-Dazzled shade <3



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