You would have seen them all over Instagram - the new NARSissist palettes! NARS is one of those brands I rarely mention but I find myself using their brand in my daily makeup routine without really noticing, which makes it really under-hyped on my blog! Nevertheless, today I'm going to swatch for you the three new NARSissist palettes, and tell you why you need at least one in your life. 

在IG上應該都留意到很多外國blogger分享最新出的NARS palette吧! 我的確比較少提及NARS的產品,但事實上原來我每天都有用它的產品呢!今天就分享它們新出的眼影盒和胭脂盒 並分享為什麼這一生人裡面必須要擁有一個。


Let me first begin with a negative (as I always do) by saying that these palettes are not the lightest in terms of weight. The plus? It feels luxurious and sturdy. The downside? Not that great for traveling if you're trying to travel light. I take weight into account when I travel because I'm such a shopper when I go abroad - it's never the luggage space I'm worried about, it's the worry of overweight baggage! 
Aside from the bulkiness, there's nothing to dislike about the packaging. 

Not only does it come with a full size mirror on the inside, the exterior also has a colored mirror (different colors for different palettes) - perfect for those who aren't fans of super decorative and complicated packaging. 

包裝方面其實它是重身的!如果你是打算帶它去旅行的話我會建議你三思,但如果說包裝的質素 它是厚身及重身。沒有什麼花巧的設計,非常簡單!這麼重,感覺會更奢侈吧~ 

12色眼影盒 4月1號起發售 HK$500


NARS has been notorious for their blushes as I'm sure you're well aware, but their brilliant formula translates in their eyeshadows as well. The eyeshadows are buttery smooth, blend like A DREAM and they last long on the eyelids as well. The NARSissist LOADED eyeshadow palette consists of 12 everyday shades - basically all the shades you need to create a variety of looks. It's been on my vanity the past two weeks and a palette I reach for quite often as it's just so effortless and easy! 
As you can see the pigmentation is vivid and evenly dispersed. 

NARS的胭脂非常有名,但其實他們眼影其實都是有一樣棒的配方。非常容易推開,顯色度高容易暈染,而且非常持久。最新推出的LOADED眼影盒裡面有12隻大地色,基本上全部都是實用 而且可以打造不同的眼妝。自從上兩個星期收到後它沒有離開過我的化妝桌,差不多天天都在用呢!看上色圖也會看到它夠顯色 而且塗抹的時候都很均勻。

6色胭脂盒 現已發售 HK$500


The palettes are priced at US$59.00 each, which I know sounds (and is a lot). But when you take into account their single eyeshadows and blushes that are priced at US$29.00 (eyeshadow) and US$30.00 (blush), you really get a bang for your buck with these palettes. Lets be honest, unless you're going to use one single blush everyday for a whole year, you're not likely to use it up and even if you do, you still have all these other colors in the palette at your disposal. The formulas don't decrease in quality just because it's in a palette unlike some other high end brands, so in my opinion, these palettes are definitely worth the splurge. 

價錢方面,這三盒palette 都是 HK$500,計算起來其實很划算!因為他們單色眼影已經是 HK$240, 單色胭脂是 HK$310, 但一盒 $500 已經有12色眼影 或 6色胭脂。就算一年365日每天用一款胭脂 都可能用不完,就算用完了 還有5隻胭脂色等著你呢!
重點是 它的配方與單色化妝品沒有差異,不像某些高端品牌喔。我個人覺得 絕對值得的!

6色胭脂盒 現已發售 HK$500


If you know anything about François Nars (the founder of NARS), you will know he's all about experimentation and pushing the boundaries. You can see so in their eyeshadow duos where you may find a turquoise and a violet together (China Seas eyeshadow duo) - it's all about pushing the limits and being bold. 

"Don't be so serious, it's only makeup." - François Nars

In the Unfiltered I palette, you will see some pretty daring colors such as a bright tomato red (Exhibit A), as well as a brick orange (Me First). They may look intimidating at first glance but applied lightly, they definitely create a one-of-a-kind blush color you don't find anywhere else. Chic and Out There has to be two of my favorites!  

認識NARS創辦人的就知道他很喜歡尋求突破也比較大膽的。其實之前他們推出過的雙色眼影是藍色跟紫色的配合就知道 他們就是覺得化妝品不需要太 serious. 所以這個 Unfiltered 1 胭脂盒裡面你會看到有鮮豔的番茄紅色(Exhibit A) 及一些鮮橙色,都是不太傳統的胭脂顏色。雖然看起來很可怕,但輕輕掃上其實顏色與眾不同呢。我自己就比較喜歡 Out There及  Chic,都是很漂亮的橙紅色及紫紅色。

So those are the reasons why you need a NARS palette in your life! I hope you enjoyed this review, and don't forget to let me know which NARS palette you may want to pick up!

這些就是我喜歡NARS的原因 及我認為每個人都必須擁有一盒NARS palette的原因啦!希望你們喜歡這次另類的post, 記得告訴我你會否有興趣購買呢? 

Products were sent for consideration to review by NARS. All opinions are my own. 
This is not a sponsored post. 

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