As you may know, I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses (sorry, started off with a negative there). My lips are naturally plump and instead of making them bigger like most people, I actually try to make them smaller. However, how could I not try the new Rouge Coco Glosses from Chanel? I mean, how can anyone resist anything Chanel

Chanel says:
Introducing the non-sticky, ultra-light formula enriched with Coconut Oil, Peptides and Vitamin E, along with an exclusive Hydraboost Complex, to offer hours of comfort and moisture. Lips are visibly smoothed, plumped and perfectly brilliant. In 24 indulgent shades, from fresh pinks to tangy reds, to collect, layer and love.

Bethni says:
I would say it is just less sticky than most lip gloss formulas, when the wind is in my face my hair does stick to my lips (that does not make it non-sticky). However, I do love the light and nourishing formula. Although the pigmentation is not very vivid and doesn't last long at all, I do love how it minimizes my lip lines and keeps my lips smooth and hydrated all day - it's something I love layering above more drying lipsticks. 

大家近日在社交網站應該都有見過它的蹤影吧~就是Chanel 新推出的Rouge Coco Gloss唇蜜喇!用了一兩個星期可以分享小小用後感! 
Formula方面的確很滋潤,皆因它含有椰子油,維他命E 及 Peptides, 唇紋也明顯會淡了。有時候會當它是潤唇膏,又可以當補唇妝,只帶它上街就可以了。 塗上後嘴唇明顯有亮澤,不太厚身,但我覺得有小小黏 (但不會令人反感的那種)。 
包裝優雅,非常sleek 也比較方便。今次刷子好像大了一點點,所以刷上嘴唇的時候也可以刷到很大範圍。

My favorite shade to wear is #764 as it looks super natural and great on those lazy no-makeup makeup days.  #762 is a brilliant red and is the most pigmented one I have, however, applying on its own it looks rather uneven so I would definitely recommend layering something more opaque underneath. 
#726 is basically just a transparent top coat to go over any lip color, and #774 will add a subtle tint of gold glitter to whatever you have on. Personally, I just love it for collecting and probably don't see myself using it often. 

All-in-all, I do enjoy using them especially when my lips are dry and when I need a bit of a top-up of hydration! 

Have you guys tried these glosses and what do you think of them?

因顏色而異,譬如你看到 763號色 (鮮豔的紅色) 是蠻出色的,但單塗它的話我發現效果不太均勻。而764號色在瓶子黎看似很深的紫紅色,其實塗出來都是比較自然的粉紫色。這個是我最喜歡的顏色,效果比較自然及顯精神 也可以單獨塗它。
726號色基本上是透明的,像top coat一樣,而774號色帶金色閃粉 單塗它一樣是沒有顏色的。是用來layer在其他純色上,就會看到好低調的金色閃粉 (我覺得包裝太美了,都是會用來收藏的!) 大家有沒有試過?齊齊分享用後感吧!

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